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12/1 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Knicks

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 113-104 victory over New York.

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RE: On tonight’s game:

“We had a good defensive lineup out there. It was hard for us to get stops most of the night. I didn’t think we were very good in the first three quarters. They (New York Knicks) played well and made some shots.”

RE: On Kemba Walker:

“I think he’s one of the best leaders I’ve been around. It has been pretty well documented in his demeanor and his way that he goes about every day, his work. He’s a real positive guy. He cares about the team. He does a lot for the team. He goes out of his way for people. He brings the most out of the guys that he’s playing with.”

RE: On playing better in the second half:

“There’s two halves to a game. We didn’t play as well as we wanted to play but it was tied at halftime. We came out in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, and lifted our energy a bit to pull out the win.”

RE: On Boston’s difference defensively:

“I think communication and just talking and being more positive. It’s a long season, we know that. We know we have expectations for this team but it’s a process in doing that. We know we’re going to make mistakes, we’re not going to be perfect every step of the way, but we’ll be positive and continue to move forward.”

RE: On playing together:

“It’s fun when you win, I’ll say that. However, we can find ways to win, I think that’s what we appreciate the most. As you get older, winning is what you see continues to matter. Just finding ways to win is the key thing for us and with our energy not as high as it needs to be, we’ll take the win.”

RE: On attitude in first half:

“I don’t know if we got down. If there is one thing we are going to do, it’s stay positive with each other, amongst each other – don’t let things affect us as a group. I don’t think we’re playing our best basketball as of late. We’re just trying to stay together, that’s all we can do.”

RE: On battling throughout the game:

“We stuck with it. We stayed together. Our heart has been great. There are going to be more games like this. It’s a long year, but it is all about how you overcome it. Every team hits adversity at some point, especially during games. The more we stay together, the easier it is for us.”

RE: On the play of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown:

“Loving it. Especially when I’m not shooting the ball as well as I would like to. It’s fun to watch. The dudes are so talented, especially for their age. It makes life easier for me, for me to not have a great shooting night and still get the win, that hasn’t happened much over the course of my career so I’m excited about it.”

RE: On feeding off Jaylen Brown:

“We were just trying to stay aggressive. It’s not going to be perfect every night, but that is what I like about our team. We got so many buckets any given night. A few guys can go off, and that’s a good thing about the team this year.”

RE: On tonight’s game:

“Six minutes to go we had I want to say four or five turnovers straight coming out of the timeout and those led to four or five threes for them. You just can’t turn the ball over against them in those situations. They are too fast, too skilled, too talented because they make you pay. I thought up until that point we had really played a real solid competitive basketball game, but we haven’t figured out how to close it out. For whatever reason we tightened up.”

RE: On winning tight moments in the end of games:

“Yes! it is really frustrating, but my job is to keep figuring out how to get them to do it and use these painful examples to show them and hopefully you can keep growing from it. The positive side of it is that this is one of the best teams in the East. That team is going to contend and that is two games in a row now that we pushed them to the brink and those are real positives. We got some really good contributions tonight. Obviously, Julius [Randle] played well, RJ [Barrett] had a solid game, but I really thought that Dennis Smith Jr. finally had a game where he can look back and say okay I am finally getting my legs back. For the most part I thought that up until that last stretch we really did a solid job against a really tough team to guard and up until that last six minutes coming out of the timeout they exploded on both ends of the floor and we had no answer for them.”

RE: On tonight’s game:

“They turned it up, they got more aggressive. We didn’t. That little lapse was the difference in the game.”

RE: On the absence of Marcus Morris:

“We missed him a lot. We need another scoring 3rd out there. On defense, we know what he does. He’s another piece of the puzzle. We’re a team and when we’re out there, we need everybody. It was tough, especially down the stretch.”

RE: On tonight’s game:

“They (Boston Celtics) came out and played hard and even in those moments, we’ve got to stick together, still have to stay together and make the right plays.”

RE: More on tonight’s game:

“They (Boston Celtics) are one of the best teams in the league. Every game is a tough game. We just got to play hard for 48 (minutes) like we keep saying. 48 minutes will get us a win.”

RE: On the team’s execution:

“We hope to just move the ball and just run the plays and see what it gives us. I think Coach (Fizdale) is putting us in a good position. If we just run the plays and execute and be strong with the ball, we’ll be good.”

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