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Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker

11/11 Arbella Quote Worthy: Mavericks vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 116-106 victory over Dallas.

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RE: Enes (Kanter) didn’t play after that short stretch; was that injury or match-up related?

“We weren’t going to play him very much today. So probably a little bit of both. As you can see, I still don’t think he’s moving quite like I saw in the preseason. Despite the fact that he was cleared, we didn’t anticipate him playing a ton. You know, (Daniel) Theis and Rob (Williams) have been awfully good, and so we’ll go with those guys and get him back slowly.”

RE: You guys seem to have trouble with Dwight Powell rolling to rim a lot tonight; what was going on?

“I actually thought for the most part, we made some mistakes in the first half where we weren’t pulled in and helping. We weren’t communicating a coverage when they overloaded a side. But other than that, he got us on some rebounds, (Maxi) Kleber got us on some rebounds. But for the most part out guys tried to play our coverages. I told you earlier today, Luka’s (Doncic) ability off the pick and roll means you got to do some stuff and sometimes you open yourself up. I thought our guys got better as the game went on protecting some of those roles.”

RE: Any update on Kemba Walker?

“Kemba is being checked out right now. He got a little whiplash on that play, didn’t go back into the game. I don’t know what that means for tomorrow or the next day or anything else. He was in pretty good spirits both at his locker after he got checked out and on the training table so hopefully not too long, not too big of a deal.”

RE: Javonte (Green)’s solid minutes:

“Yeah, his scoring is helpful. The way that he can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim. Obviously, making that three probably felt good for him, because he has been shooting it really well in practice it’s good to see the ball go through the net in the game. Overall, I thought he gave us a pretty good lift and Brad Wanamaker has been excellent. That continued from the Charlotte second half to the San Antonio game until now. I mean he’s a pretty steadying hand there, in that group right now where we don’t have a lot of experience.”

RE: Jayson (Tatum) struggled a lot tonight; what do you attribute that too?

“Well he didn’t have trouble defending Luka very much. He had some moments where he guarded him on switches and such but just one of those nights. I guess that means a lot of good nights are coming. I don’t lose sleep over missed shots.”

RE: What does it say about this team being able to withstand Kemba Walker, and Gordon Hayward going down, plus Jayson Tatum not having the best shooting night?

“It just shows you how talented we are from everybody on this roster. Those guys go down and everybody else steps up and had their opportunities and took full advantage of it.”

RE: Taking a bit of a beating this season:

“Yeah I am, but it’s nothing new for me, I've been taking a beating my whole life. But, I don’t know what it is why I keep getting kicked in the groin. I don’t know what it is about that so we got to figure out a solution to stop that. Like I said I’m used to it. It is what I do, and I pride myself on it.”

RE: What are you guys going to do in the next several weeks without Hayward?

“We are going to have to pick it up a little bit, just a little bit more and turn up the energy on both ends. Everybody is going to have to step up now. We lose one of our greatest scorers right now and he’s been playing some of the best basketball of his career. For him personally, we feel bad and also for the team. But like I said this team is really talented so it gives everybody else the opportunity to step up.”

RE: Did you guys anticipate being 8-1 the beginning of the season?

“I did definitely, and this team did. We just stayed back and kept quiet and we kept working and we couldn’t wait for the season to fall so we could show it.”

RE: Take us through that series of threes you got into a nice rhythm in the third quarter. What is that like? Is there something that you sense coming?

“I don’t know. Just ready, trying to be aggressive, trying to make the right plays. I thought I made the right plays on all those shots that I took tonight. I know I missed a lot early but my shot felt good all night. I was just missing it. In the fourth quarter it just naturally, the competitive nature just comes out. I was just trying to do what I can to put the ball in the basket. I was able to hit three in a row.”

RE: Were you more sore after the game than usual?

“Luka (Doncic) he cut me off a little bit. I kind of ran into him and my neck just kind of went back a little bit. But I’m good though just a little stinger.”

RE: Any additional treatments or testing?

“No I doubt it. Just the treatments that’s normal for me and for all of us. But no, nothing extra no.”

RE: How has it been initially here trying to make up for the loss of Gordon Hayward?

“Of course it’s going to be tough, trying to make up for a player of Gordon’s caliber. He’s a great player but we also have guys who you know can do a lot to help this team. And you see JB (Jaylen Brown) he stepped up and played huge. (Marcus) Smart he’s always going to be him. JT (Jayson Tatum) he didn’t have a great shooting night at all, but he stuck with the game and he’s only going to get better. Guys just have to step up their games and that’s just how it has to be, it’s all about the next guy and that’s what it’s going to be for us all year.”

RE: On the game:

“This was a very tough, physical game. Very physical from the very beginning. More physical than we’ve really seen, with the exception of maybe the Lakers game. They had us on our heels early, I thought we responded extremely well. We stuck together, adjusted, kept attacking. Kept ourselves right there at halftime. They made a run to start the third quarter, and you know we had to regroup and respond again. We did, and you know it just got away from us in the last six minutes. There’s some positives to build on. I know it’s – this is going to come up, (Kristaps) Porzingis had a tough night, um, we’re just gonna flush it and move on. There’s nights like this, and you just flush it and move forward.”

RE: Porzingis’ performance:

“They paid a lot of attention to him, and it was just a tough night. I’ve got to keep working on getting him better situations, and I’m going to work on that.”

RE: What did Jalen Bronson give you off the bench to help you stay in the game?

“He attacked. He was physical. Got the ball in the basket. Made plays, got other guys shots. You know, he’s doing good things. I thought our bench did a really good job of helping us get regrouped when we were having struggling periods. We actually came back and got the lead in the fourth quarter, briefly, you know the last six minutes were killer.”

RE: Rick Carlisle said he is working on getting you into better situations; what does he mean by that?

“I mean, it’s the system that we are playing a little bit. Sometimes, you know, it’s not maybe going to get the ball as much, as I would like to and that leads to me maybe forcing some things, and so on. It’s a work in progress. I know Coach has been doing the best job he can to get me the ball on offense and utilize my skills. I also got to do a better job of making sure I’m effective in those kinds of situations.”

RE: Is it encouraging that though you didn't have your best night, the team was able to stay in the game?

“I mean, we were right there. We did a good job. I had an off night tonight, and guys stepped up and fought until the end. We were right there. If I had a better game, the result could’ve been much different.”

RE: Carlisle said it’s one of those games you just flush, is that how you see it?

“Yeah, I mean, every game you take something from every game. I know I’ve played a lot against Boston and I know the type of basketball they play and how they switch, and what they do on defense. This was like, it refreshed my memory now, with this game you know. Going forward, I’ll make sure I’m ready for this kind of game.”

RE: Did you do anything to try and get Porzingis back into the game?

“I mean yeah, he was. But you know, this is what happens to great players, they have [a] bad night. So I think next game he’ll have at least 30 points, you know, he keeps working, you know, he just came back from a back injury, these things are normal. We all believe in him.”

RE: Can you explain what’s happening at the start of games?

“No, obviously we’ve got to step harder into the games. Especially with me starting, you know, hit-first mentality. This can’t happen no more, we’ve got to step it up.”

RE: You got the lead in the fourth quarter, did you feel in control then?

“I would say you don’t have control of the game until you win it so obviously not. They have great team, you know, they’re 8-1, so they’re a great team and you know I think it was a great fight. We had a few struggle minutes in the last quarter, but I think we did a pretty good job.”

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