11/11 Arbella Quote Worthy: Mavericks vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 116-106 victory over Dallas.

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RE: Enes (Kanter) didn’t play after that short stretch; was that injury or match-up related?

RE: You guys seem to have trouble with Dwight Powell rolling to rim a lot tonight; what was going on?

RE: Any update on Kemba Walker?

RE: Javonte (Green)’s solid minutes:

RE: Jayson (Tatum) struggled a lot tonight; what do you attribute that too?


RE: What does it say about this team being able to withstand Kemba Walker, and Gordon Hayward going
down, plus Jayson Tatum not having the best shooting night?

RE: Taking a bit of a beating this season:

RE: What are you guys going to do in the next several weeks without Hayward?

RE: Did you guys anticipate being 8-1 the beginning of the season?


RE: Take us through that series of threes you got into a nice rhythm in the third quarter. What is that like? Is there something that you sense coming?

RE: Were you more sore after the game than usual?

RE: Any additional treatments or testing?

RE: How has it been initially here trying to make up for the loss of Gordon Hayward?


RE: On the game:

RE: Porzingis’ performance:

RE: What did Jalen Bronson give you off the bench to help you stay in the game?


RE: Rick Carlisle said he is working on getting you into better situations; what does he mean by that?

RE: Is it encouraging that though you didn't have your best night, the team was able to stay in the game?

RE: Carlisle said it’s one of those games you just flush, is that how you see it?


RE: Did you do anything to try and get Porzingis back into the game?

RE: Can you explain what’s happening at the start of games?

RE: You got the lead in the fourth quarter, did you feel in control then?