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Gordon Hayward and Kemba Walker

11/5 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics vs. Cavaliers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 119-113 victory over Cleveland.

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RE: On Gordon Hayward’s performance:

“He was aggressive going to the basket. He did a good job when they were guarding him with big guys. He did a good job when they were guarding him with small guys. He just kept making the right play over and over. When they did eventually start trapping him, he hit Rob (Robert Williams) for a couple of those dunks…Theis (Daniel Theis) a couple of times. He played really well. Certainly, you always felt like you could get a bucket because of the way he was reading things today.”

RE: On not being able to pull away in the fourth quarter:

“Welcome to the NBA. They (the Cavs) are good. I think they are…I wouldn’t be able to gauge a lot of the other teams because we didn’t play them in the preseason, but I can’t imagine a more improved team in a month. Excellent coaching, excellent playing, all the good stuff. They’re playing hard. They’re playing together. They make it really hard to guard. They go downhill at your chest and make it tough. We didn’t do a great job defensively on the perimeter, so we got to clean that up. But, hats off to Cleveland.”

RE: On his performance tonight:

“I think I just wanted to attack in the first quarter. And kind of like what we talked about, I felt like our bigs did a good job rolling. They stayed home to our shooters and so that left me kind of open there and I was able to finish some. That’s one of those things where, sometimes the bigs…it’s kind of what the defense is giving us. They step up and I have the roller. Or if their wings drop in, you have a kick-out three. So, I’m just kind of taking what they gave me.”

RE: On being the only player, since the three-point line, to go 16-16 from inside the arc:

“Seems like a pointless stat, to me. I mean, I think it was a good night. Maybe I shouldn’t have shot those threes, then, and kept shooting the twos.”

RE: On defending Kevin Love:

“I was just trying to make him work for everything. Especially, when he gets the ball down low. We all know how great of a player Kevin Love is, especially against smaller guards. For me, just really, like I said, just making it as hard as I can…Help make him miss and just do the best thing that I can do.”

RE: On tonight’s game vs Boston:

“The Celtics are really good. I think they got enough guys that they can beat you individually. Brad (Stevens) ran some great schemes to get them open. (Gordon) Hayward was so good today and then Kemba (Walker) 6-8 shooting and of course (Carson) Edwards, he hasn’t made a lot of shots since the NBA season started, but he sure made them against us. But they move the ball the way Cleveland is going to move the ball. The ball does not stick, they hit the next open man. When we are doing that as a team we are a much better team and we are trying like crazy to get that done and it’s baby steps. I admire the way they play and hopefully we have that same type of connected team in the future. We just have not seen it yet, it’s not that we won’t do it, we don’t see it yet. When we see it, it will really help us win games like tonight.”

RE: On the play of Gordon Hayward:

“What he does really well, even better than that, is he stops on a dime. Johnny Most would be very proud of him. You know who Johnny Most is, the old announcer of the Celtics…and he just stops on a dime so when he is going down hill he is tough to stop, but when he stops, people just keep going right by him so that’s it. Brad creates really good leverage for him and he reads screens so well that he can get downhill. With the big body and the ability to really handle like a guard, tough matchup for everybody and he’s playing like he did before his injury.”

RE: On Darius Garland’s shooting and if he is aggressive enough:

“He had a couple looks from three that he should have taken, but I think that he is going in and shooting over big time length after not really doing that since really, probably, ever. Even in the big circuits that he plays in, he’s got length over him all the time and that’s a thing he is going to continue to learn to do and he works at it. It will come to him slowly, we know who he is, he’s a rookie and his game is going to mature everyday but right now a lot of this stuff is brand new to him.”

RE: On the Cavs ball movement:

There’s just got to be, is it willingness? I can’t measure that. I think the word would be an awareness that somebody is more open than I am. Then if I just pass it to them maybe there is a closeout and we can drive or there is another guy open as we say the hockey assist. We are trying to get and understand that, but we really don’t understand it the way we will and that’s what they do. The thing I want our guys to live by is just make the next right play, that’s it, whatever it is and sometimes we are looking for something better and it’s not going to get there. We were in more shot clock situations than we’ve been in a long time today from the ball just stopping too much. But there is talent in there that we are working with. I can see the improvement, but when that ball really moves around..We had 7 assists at halftime. We had 15 in the second half, so that was a huge difference in our game."

RE: On what he saw that kept them in the game tonight:

Brad Stevens knows exactly what he wants out of those guys. They’re in great spots. They can play small ball, but their brand of basketball is great. I think Coach (Beilein) just really wanted us to share the ball and get the ball side-to-side because we didn’t have that many assists at halftime. I think we had 15 in the second half. So just sharing the ball and obviously getting stops. I think (Gordon) Hayward had probably one of the best games of his career tonight and they hit some big threes down the stretch, but we feel like we gave ourselves a chance, we just couldn’t get over the top.”

RE: On what they could have done better at the end of the game:

“Just that box-out there at the end. We had some good shots, some possessions we felt could’ve gone our way, some calls we felt could’ve gone our way. But that’s just the way it goes in the NBA. You have to continue to fight, you have to continue to scrap. Some of those 50-50 (balls) we talk about every single day, every single game, were there for us, but they were just the better team tonight and they came out on top.”

RE: On Cleveland’s process on the offensive end and Boston’s ball sharing:

“They just really, really share the ball. It’s infectious – that ball has energy. They want to make the play for the next guy. They play a lot for each other, they celebrate each other, and I think eventually we’re going to get there. We like playing together. We want to grow. That’s why we’ve kept ourselves in games. We’ve been right there in the fourth quarter, just now with a young team you have to learn how to win. I think that’s a hard thing to do in the NBA and do it consistently, and that’s why Boston is one of the best teams in the league, especially the East.”

RE: On what kept them in the game tonight:

“We just continued to fight, especially on defense. We played until the end and they made some tough shots down the stretch. But we’ve got to continue just to grow. We’ll watch some film tomorrow and just try to get better.”

RE: On Cleveland’s physicality tonight:

“We were physical at times, but at times we weren’t. At times, we were just letting them get easy dunks, easy layups. So when it’s like that, we’ve just got to continue just to play hard and remember we’re a defensive team and we have to show our authority.”

RE: On how they can get over the hump:

“I would say just play for a whole 48 minutes, especially the first team and then the second group, we all have to play together collectively and be good the whole time and not in spurts.”

RE: (On what Kemba Walker told him postgame:

“Just keep working, and I told him just to stay healthy. He’s the leader of that team and they’re going to go as long as he goes, so that’s going to be good.”

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