11/1 Arbella Quote Worthy: Knicks vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 104-102 victory over New York.

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RE: How would you characterize the defense tonight?

RE: Can you describe the last play? What were the options? And for (Jayson) Tatum to hit a winner like that, what does that do for his confidence?

RE: I guess you guys haven’t had someone with that steady a free-throw presence like Kemba (Walker) in a couple of seasons. Just how much does that change the offense for you?


RE: Walk us through that last play, what you saw and what you were going for?

RE: Did it feel good to hit the game winner?

RE: Feeding and working off of Gordon Hayward?

RE: Going back and forth with Marcus Morris Sr.

RE: How does it feel to hit your first game winner in the NBA?


RE: Can you take us through the final play from your vantage point?

RE: What did you guys say to each other after Marcus (Morris) hit the game tying shot?

RE: You and (Jayson) Tatum have actually worked well together, especially over the last couple of games it seems. What is behind that?

RE: Is what the group has done surprised you, the way it’s come together so quickly?


RE: What improvement do you see comparing this game to last week’s?

RE: Did Marcus Morris need this moment?

RE: What did you see from Frank Ntilikina?


RE: Can you walk me through defensively that last play?

RE: Defensively, what did your team do tonight?

RE: What did you see from Marcus Morris tonight?

RE: Ball movement tonight: