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That's What He Said: Celtics at Pacers (Game 3)

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 104-96 victory over Indiana.

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RE: On the Pacers run in the second quarter:

“I think they’ll go back and look at it, we’ll go back and look at it. That’s one of those things…You’ve just got to keep going in these games. No matter what we were up in the first half doesn’t matter. Those leads dissipate so quickly and you just have to play the next play. We try to challenge them the best way that we can. They run good stuff and they run it hard.”

RE: On tonight’s defense/defense as a whole:

hate to pat our defense on the back, that is when you let go of the rope. I think we just have to keep going at it. A few weeks ago when we had the extra day, we had the chance to practice during the regular season before we played the Pacers in Boston. I thought we had a really good day of just going back to the basics.”

RE: On the toughness of the series heading into Game 4:

“You’re not going to win it in the first quarter, you’re not going to win it in the second. You have to keep doing it over and over and that’s what’s hard in the playoffs. This Indiana team plays with tremendous character and integrity…They play the game the right way, the way it is supposed to be played. We have to be ready to compete at the highest level again.”

RE: (On the defense down the stretch:

“Trust in our system, trust in ourselves, our defense, making sure we’re getting back in transition and just being communicative. We understand how loud it was going to be here in this environment, so we just wanted to come out and play aggressive for all four quarters.”

RE: On getting a playoff road win:

“it’s a great step in the overall big picture. These guys in the locker room are champing at the bit to get this first road win out of the way. In order to do so, you’ve got to really stay patient. You’ve got to understand the game in going to fluctuate. The fans are going to be into it and you’ve got to be able to settle in. It’s just basketball. There’s always some things you can manage and control and you want to do that as much as possible.”

RE: On Boston’s execution down the stretch:

“The confidence is at a very high level when we know what everyone is capable on the floor. Down the stretch, everyone made some big plays. They were little things in the grand scheme, but they were big plays. An offensive rebound, a tip-out, getting back in transition. Those are the things you need to do to guarantee the win.”

RE: On overcoming the Pacers’ second quarter:

“It was a point of emphasis to stay together for the entire game because we knew they were going to be tough with their crowd into the game. It’s a game of runs but we stayed together and came out on top.”

RE: On winning a playoff game on the road after winning once last season:

“We only won one game on the road last year. Everybody knows it. We know it. We keep that in our mind and think about what we can do better to improve our record on the road in the playoffs.”

RE: On Kyrie Irving:

“It’s extremely helpful. He can get his own shot whenever he wants to. When they blitzed him he’s been great at making the right pass in this game and the last one.”

RE: On tonight’s performance:

“The first quarter they came out hot. They were hitting everything. I thought we had some good contests on a lot of those shots in the first quarter. Second quarter, I thought our second unit came in and was able to start getting some stops. We got a rhythm and started to score in the second quarter. Third quarter, we lost our patience. We weren’t patient. We started taking some quick, contested shots, bailing them out. I thought defensively we didn’t have patience, we lost the rhythm, lost momentum. That carried out throughout the game."

RE: On Kyrie Irving:

“He’s a great player. He’s a playmaker. He’s a guy that does a great job of reading the defense. He’s unselfish…Those guys were knocking down open shots. He creates opportunities for his teammates as well as for himself.”

RE: On finding his rhythm tonight:

“I just had to be patient. I just sort of came in and I was patient tonight. I didn’t force anything. I did take a couple of shots when I had it going that were tough but I just didn’t look back from there.”

RE: On the late-game problems:

“We just have to figure out how to create in the fourth. I think we just get a little tight, not a lot of ball movement. We’ve got to move the ball and I think guys have to figure out how to create for each other when we need the shots in the fourth quarter.”

RE: On being down 3-0

“We just have to find the silver lining. That silver lining is that we’ve been in every single game. All it takes is one win. There definitely won’t be any quit in us. We feel like it is still a series. I know it sounds foolish from outside looking in, being down 3-0, but from a mental standpoint in this locker room there won’t be any quit.”

RE: On the third quarter:

“We were getting good looks. I thought we could have probably executed a little better, but it doesn’t come down to just one quarter. This is a good Boston Celtics team that plays really good defense. You’re going to have some lapses but you still have to figure out a way to end the game. We had a chance to win the game in the fourth.”

RE: On the difficulty in maintaining momentum in the second half:

“We just go on draughts where we are not making shots, shots are rattling in and out and we’re not getting good looks that are within our offense. Back to the drawing board once again, and like I said, it’s win or go home on Sunday.”

RE: On the offensive execution:

“We are getting into the plays we wanted to, but some of the plays where we needed extra ball movement were the ones that killed us because we got ourselves against the shot clock and then we had to start going one-on-one and put up shots."

RE: On being down 3-0

“It’s win or go home. We know what it is. All cards are on the table and we have to be ready to play.”

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