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4/3 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Heat

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 112-102 victory over Miami.

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RE: On the game:

“Today I thought we played a lot better compared to Monday’s matchup. Tatum in the middle helped us a lot. I thought a lot of guys did a good job moving the ball and not rushing the tempo.”

RE: On the importance of making big plays at this time of the season:

“It’s good when you make stops and get big rebounds. The guys did a good job on both ends. We let the HEAT take too many layups, but other than that I think we did a good job.”

RE: On Gordon Hayward:

“He’s been doing a pretty good job. Late in the game he did a good job on all those high picks. He’s done a good job driving in the zone and we need him to be able to get to the line with Jaylen out. That’s one of the guys that gets to the line a lot for us.”

RE: On the HEAT:

“They’re good and they’re really tough. They are well coached as well. We needed to do tough things. We’ve had a number of good things happen in the last month with a stretch. I do feel encouraged by our play if we can do tough things. If we aren’t tough than we won’t stand a chance against other teams.”

RE: On the game:

“Everyone made big-time plays for us. We want to be playing the best we can be going into the playoffs and these are all games that feel like playoff games and with playing the HEAT twice in a row, made it feel even more like that too.”

RE: On the HEAT zone:

“I felt like we had better spacing tonight. We were able to get some better looks off of it. It still gave us a little bit of trouble, but tonight was a lot better.”

RE: On being able to get to the free throw line like they did tonight:

“It certainly opens things up for me. I think when guys are attacking the rim, people have to help and then you get open threes from the perimeter. Anytime you can get easy buckets at the line, you have to take it.”

RE: On the Celtics mixing up attacking the basket with their perimeter shooting:

“You want a happy balance especially when you’re playing with the type of players that we have on this team. We want to stay aggressive and challenge guys at the rim and we were rewarded with being in the bonus early in quarters. We were able to extend our lead down the stretch by slowing the game down and getting to the free throw line.”

RE: On Gordon Hayward:

“It’s been a trying season for all of us, but him individually coming back from an injury the way he did, it’s well documented. I think he’s just trying things now and he’s doing it with more confidence. He’s getting into the lane and realizing his size. He’s 6-9 and able to post guys up and make great decisions. We’re at our best when he’s looking for his shot."

RE: On the Heat's zone defense:

“Tonight we were able to move the ball. We were taking what they were giving us with some mid-range jumpers. Different guys tonight were able to get in the middle of the zone and get shots off.”

RE: On him, Kyrie and Gordon all scoring 20 points tonight:

“It’s encouraging to see Gordon have such a good game and really take over. Obviously, Kyrie has been our rock all year. It is good to see all of that come together especially at this time of the year before the playoffs. Gordon is starting to understand what he needs to do and he’s feeling good. Also, we’re starting to understand how to play with Gordon a little bit more. Whenever the ball is in his hands, usually something good happens.”

RE: On Celtics’ 4th quarter defense:

“They had a lot of different moments. We struggled to get good looks. Give credit to their defense, particularly on first action triggers. They have guys in the paint and force you to pass the ball.”

RE: On Josh Richardson’s injury:

“It’s a left leg injury. The heel had nothing to do with it. We will find out more tomorrow.”

RE: On brief leads throughout:

“Our group has perseverance on finding ways to win. This would have to have been an ugly win. They got us into some tough looks, and when we were open we missed them. If we hit our normal rhythm shots, our defense would have been good enough.”

RE: On four games left in the season:

“We need to shut our doors and not listen to everything going on. It’s going to come down to the last game. Focusing on the task at hand is the most important thing right now.”

RE: On Whiteside’s performance:

“Our defense was good in the zone. He was a big part of that. He was making plays and keeping them to one look, so if they missed he would gobble up the rebound. He was a bright spot in the game.”

RE: On Hayward:

“He is a go-to guy. We always have respected his game and ability to create shots and create offense. It is tough to go to an organization, miss a whole year and be out of rhythm, but he has the character and perseverance to stay with it. He can still be a go-to guy, especially on offense.”

RE: On Winslow:

“We are trying to get him back to competition, but we don’t have time to wait. That’s been the deal all year long. We needed him out there. His minutes were really important.”

RE: On playing Whiteside and Adebayo together:

“It’s not something we have done all year. Particularly, they are there to protect the paint. Just the decision we made.”

RE: On playing zone defense:

“We have been doing it quite a bit lately. It has been a good weapon for us. If we feel like we are getting stops from it we will do it. It was good in large stretches of the game tonight.”

RE: On the game:

“It was kind of like a playoffs kind of game where you have to try and get over the hump. It was a good basketball game. Overall, they held us at bay. Every time we tried to make a run and get close they made something happen. They are a good team.”

RE: On Gordon Hayward:

“He had a big night for them. That is what good teams do. They have different guys on different nights that can have those big nights for them and you don’t have to just rely on one guy. That is why this team right here is good.”

RE: On the playoff race for the sixth seed:

“Obviously we understand what it is, but the only thing you can control are the games you play. We have four left. We know we have a tough schedule. We have to figure out a way to win some games down the stretch. We are going to go out there and give our best every night and hopefully we get a few to put ourselves in. These young guys know. They have been in this same position a few times so far in their young careers already. They have been here before and know what we have to do. It’s not easy, but we know what we have to do.”

RE: On if he is worried about Josh Richardson:

“Yes. Yeah. I was honestly concerned when he left the game. At first you thought maybe he got hit the wrong way, but the way he left the game you knew he wasn’t. We are definitely concerned about him. This time of the year is a bad time for injuries, but hopefully he is fine.”

RE: On being back on the court:

“I felt pretty good, a little hesitant at first. Once I got into the flow of things I felt pretty good, didn’t really feel out of rhythm. Obviously not the outcome we wanted, but it was a good feeling. I wasn’t really worried about the shooting. I made good shots. I missed shots that I am used to making, but I have to be realistic. I missed three weeks so I am not hanging myself on those missed shots. Mistakes I made I will think about, but not the shots I missed. It just felt really good to be back out there.”

RE: On the outcome of the game:

“It is going to be down to the end. All these teams, it is going to come down to the final game and we have to understand that. It is a tight race, we are watching other teams and other teams are watching us. We just have to keep going and learn from this game. There are four more games, so we just have to be focus on winning those.”

RE: On playing defense:

“Defensively I felt good. I think we still affected them with the zone, but they still made shots. They are a very well coached team with Coach Stevens. They were very prepared for it.”

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