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3/11 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Clippers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 140-115 defeat to LA.

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RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game:

“Obviously, they played great. It’s probably a combination of our defense abandoning us and them playing terrific. We couldn’t get stops, we talked about trying to guard different ways when we should have just said, ‘let’s do better what we do.” We tried zone three times and [Montezl] Harrell got the rebound on all three shots. Ultimately, we just have to be a lot better than we were but credit them, they played great. We’ll move on.”

RE: Playing better defense:

“They’re hard to guard, they do a good job, they have a lot of guys that can put the ball on the floor, which I think puts pressure on the defense all the time. One through four, they can really put the ball on the floor. And then [Montrezl] Harrell and [Ivica] Zubac did a great job of rolling and demanding attention at the rim. I thought we just let the ball go wherever it wanted to and then, when they can play on a string like that, you’ve got no chance. If I had a do-over at halftime, I’d probably say to just do what we do better instead of making any changes.”

RE: Lou Williams breaking the all-time record for points off the bench:

“Most guys like Lou Williams don’t come off the bench and I think that’s what makes me appreciate it more, is the fact that he can start pretty much anywhere and he can do whatever, but he comes in with four minutes left in the first quarter, doesn’t need to get a rhythm and he’s just ready to hoop. I really appreciate that about him and congratulations to him.”

RE: Overall thoughts on the road trip:

“I think for the most part we played some good basketball. I think we came out tonight and got our [expletive] kicked, but for the most part we played pretty good basketball on a four game stand and we’ve just got to be better going forward and try to keep it up.”

RE: Moving on from tonight’s loss:

“Winning stands out. We won three out of four, certain areas we can clean up but we’ve just got to keep winning and keep trying to push to be the best before the playoffs and clean up some habits.”

RE: Returning to Boston:

“We’ve been away from home for a long time. We came, we got three out of four, we wanted to get all four but it will be good to go home, and get some rest sleeping in our own beds.”

RE: Takeaways from the road trip:

“The way that we played and stayed together through ups and downs. Obviously, tonight things didn’t go like we wanted but I felt like we really played with a purpose and we want to continue playing that same way now that we go back home.”

RE: Moving forward:

“It’s important because we need to continue to play with more consistency as a group and I feel like we did a lot of that on this trip. Again, tonight wasn’t ideal for us and for that you’ve got to give [the Clippers] a lot of credit because they just had their way with us.”

RE: Keys to the Clippers success:

“[The Clippers] have played well [against us]. Lou Williams is a great player, I’m very happy for Lou, all- time leading off the bench, that’s a big deal. Obviously [Montrezl] Harrell had a big game too. [Patrick] Beverley, I think he’s the one people don’t talk about. Just his passion and his energy is contagious and I feel like it gets them going. Nobody is probably going to say much about him but he did a great job tonight.”

RE: Overall thoughts on the loss:

“Any time you give up over 140 points in an NBA game, you clearly didn’t do what you’re supposed to do that night no matter if you even score 130 or something close. [The Clippers] did a great job of making the game very physical and for us, we’ve just got to be tougher. Around this time the level of play raises and we got the Clippers best shot tonight. I talked about it after the Lakers game and we just weren’t prepared for that. And all I can give as to why they scored that many points. Obviously they made as many shots but our pick and rolls, our tags on the weak side, they weren’t always there. We just weren’t as locked in and that’s what you get, the result is an [expletive]-whooping.”

RE: Learning from loss:

“This is the NBA, you take your lessons and we’ll watch film and see where we can get better. Most of it, at this point of the season, is knowledge of the game that we go over day after day. We just weren’t doing it today, you weren’t in the right spots every single time pulling over on the weak side for tags and guys coming off curls and helping each other and just being there. I think that was a record of and-ones that we’ve given up in a game this season so when you have that and Lou [Williams] comes off the bench and gives you 30-plus [points], you’re not giving yourself a great chance to win and that’s what happened.”

RE: Doc Rivers:

“It’s so easy to play for a guy that’s been a player in this league and he’s won a championship and he’s done unbelievable things in this league for his players while giving them confidence to go out there to be who they are. Lou [Williams] signed an extension for a reason and it’s Doc [Rivers]. He puts those guys in position and gives them the freedom and keeps them encouraged the whole game and especially when they’re at home. My only thing is they stay on the refs the entire game, I’ve never seen a team complain that much. But, he really holds them to a standard and let’s them go out and play. Who would’ve thought that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander would be where he is now, being on a playoff team competing for a spot. Those types of opportunities don’t come too often in this league, especially when you have a coach that’s going to give you the ball, and Sam Cassell and the coaching staff, they’re going to keep getting the best out of you and that’s what you want. That’s who the credit goes to, playing them twice now throughout the regular season but obviously, playing against Doc for the last eight years.”

RE: Game recap:

“We played terrific. We shot the ball well, moved the ball and played at an amazing pace. I thought Lou [Williams] got the pace started, but I thought the defense early on was terrific as well, and that got us out running. We really believed that we had to turn this into a pace game to win the game and I thought we did that.”

RE: Williams-Gallinari scoring punch:

“[Danilo Gallinari] starts the game off being aggressive and then Lou [Williams] comes in. That’s what we need, that’s what we have, and that’s how were winning. [The impact of Danilo Gallinari and Lou Williams] is important for us offensively and everyone else kind of plays their role. You don’t know who’s going to be that third or fourth guy each night, but its turning out to be Trezz [Montrezl Harrell] a lot of nights, Sham [Landry Shamet] on some nights, and then others.”

RE: Lou Williams’ record breaking night:

“It’s amazing just watching [Lou Williams] play. Even tonight, just his pace and his speed. You love that he likes coming off the bench. A lot of players think that if you don’t start that it’s some kind of knock. Lou’s entire career, he’s kind of accepted that role. He’s just a terrific player and a phenomenal leader. He loves the Uncle Lou, ‘old man in the locker room’, thing, and he does a great job with it.”

RE: Becoming the leading bench scorer in NBA History:

“That record does [mean something to me]. It’s special. Anytime you can say you have all-time next to your name, no matter what it is, it’s special. With being a sixth-man and being a career bench player, to have the opportunity to have something that says the ‘best ever’, is a special feeling, so tonight was great.”

RE: Playing on a streak:

“I just continue to play, you can’t get wound up in streaks. I had a good game last game. I was aggressive tonight, was able to see shots fall and make plays for everybody, but the focus was just to get a dub.”

RE: Playing his game:

“I’m just an old-school hooper. In the summer time, you can come to Atlanta and find me at my local gym with neighborhood guys or playing in the pro-ams. I just love hooping.”

RE: Lou Williams’ scoring ability:

“[Lou Williams] is unguardable. I don’t think there is anyone in the league who can guard him when he gets to his left hand. It’s just amazing when you see all the big shots he makes. Every time we needed a bucket, he makes a play, he gets an assist, he finds someone open, he scores, or whatever we need, he’s going to do it. To have a guy like that is really big for a young team.”

RE: Watching Lou Williams make NBA History:

“It’s amazing. He’s the best scorer off the bench in history.”

RE: Play of Lou Williams:

“[Lou Williams] doesn’t get as much credit as he should. I think after this game, with him becoming the best scorer off the bench, people are going to start realizing what he’s done and they’ll know what he can do.”

RE: Coming off the bench:

“I think the biggest thing is you find your rhythm. Speaking from my short stint of finding my rhythm from finding my role off the bench in Philly, once you find your rhythm, you can be effective. For [Lou Williams] to have been doing it for however many years, rhythms the biggest thing. Probably, that’s just where he’s comfortable. Obviously, he’s continuing to do it. He’s good enough to start clearly, but I think he’s most effective coming in at certain points in the game where he can get himself going and just be aggressive. It almost honestly makes me mad how easy, it’s just like walking into the rain. It’s just crazy, he’s just so talented. I think the biggest thing is just your rhythm coming off the bench, finding that and finding ways to be effective.”

RE: Team’s defensive effort:

“We were physical and we were on point from the get-go. We paid attention to the scouting report and our schemes and just how we were going to play certain things. We were really good from the jump with all the details and little things, and from there that carried. We felt really good when we could get each set in the half court. They are a really good team in transition with all those guards that can push it ahead. But, if we got set in a half court we felt like we could get stops and run.”

RE: Defeating Boston:

“It feels good, but you know we are on to the next one, that’s just how it is. We’re not worried about Boston anymore. We beat Boston. They’re not on our schedule for the rest of the year. We’re worried about Portland who is another team in the West that can do damage. It’s a nightly thing, just trying to move onto the next game and that’s just how we’re handling it.”

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