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2/23 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Bulls

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 126-116 defeat to Chicago.

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RE: On how this game got away:

“We just got out played in every which way. There are no two ways around it. You know credit them obviously, once they got rolling, there was no stopping them. We always say to let a team get comfortable, then they make the tough ones and we let them get awfully comfortable. I thought our transition defense in the first half was really bad. I thought that obviously at the start of the second, we didn’t give ourselves much of a chance. They had to make the shots, they did and credit them for that. I thought they played with great purpose and great energy on the second night of a back-to-back and they out played us in every facet.”

RE: On the bad start to the second quarter:

“I won’t bore you with the basketball details of it. I’ll just say that I got to do a better job with all that stuff.”

RE: On the disappointment of the team’s performance coming off the All-Star break:

“The bottom line is that is what it is. Every game is its own entity. We did a thing a few years ago and we shared that with our guys. We got beat by 40 by Cleveland and we came back in game three and won. It happens all the time in basketball and there is a reason it happens. At the end of the day, and I said this before, I’m just disappointed at myself and I got to do a lot better.”

RE: On things he can do better for the team:

“I just got to do everything. I got to make sure that they are playing better on offense. We can’t let our transition stop like that. We got to defend with more purpose and intensity into the ball. We can’t have those runs against us that happened in the second and the third quarters.”

RE: On where this loss ranks for the Celtics:

“It’s fine. It’s the NBA. We’re trying to get to the playoffs.”

RE: On how the Bulls got going:

“They were just in a rhythm early. [Lauri] Markkanen and [Zach] LaVine. They got it going at the end of the first quarter, and kept it going throughout the whole entire game. Once a guy in this league gets it going, it’s pretty hard to stop.”

RE: On where the Celtics must improve:

“It’s basketball, so we’ve got some figuring out to do. Go back, watch film. Obviously, some effort plays where we really could’ve covered for one another. Just execution on both ends of the floor. Being able to give each other space, make basketball plays, read plays, just play the game at a high level. Obviously, these last two games, we haven’t done that at the level we’ve been capable of. We have to continue to do better.”

RE: On the team’s ability to close tonight’s game after struggling to do so majority of the year:

“32-point fourth (quarter) for us is good. There’s been times in the fourth when we’ve struggled to score. What we talk about is playing winning basketball. So, we show examples of when we do that and don’t do that. And, I think we’re playing more minutes of winning basketball. Still got to play more and we’ve got to improve, but I’m encouraged.”

RE: On Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen’s big scoring night:

“Obviously, I’m excited for Lauri (Markkanen) and Zach (LaVine) to have those kind of nights. But to me, those things don’t mean anything if you don’t win, and when those guys play like that and we win it’s obviously a real good thing.”

RE: On seeing the team come together of late:

“We’re playing for each other. We’re trying to raise each other up. We’re honoring the things we’ve worked on. We’re getting the most out of our practices. We’re focused when it’s time to be focused and we’re respectful of our opponent and we’re competing. One thing we talk about is that it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, it’s what you do today when you walk over the line…and, maybe it’s starting to sink in.”

RE: On Zach LaVine raising his game to better the team:

“I thought he was poised, and efficient, and that’s what we talk about when we meet and we watch film, him and I talk is efficiency. Good plays, good decisions. When to pass, when to drive. And, I thought his feel tonight was great.”

RE: On the Bulls’ play during the three-game winning streak:

“We’ve got a good group of guys, and we’re playing unselfish basketball and having fun with it. We’re demanding good effort from each other, and you can tell we’ve been playing like that.”

RE: On if the previous game between the Bucks and Celtics, and if that loss came up prior to playing tonight’s game:

“We owed these guys from last time. It’s kind of [scary] because of [the] similar situations. Both [meetings] were second of back-to-backs, and both were after game-winning plays. So it was a little bit on my mind, but I think it pushed everybody to give extra effort.”

RE: On the key to withstanding multiple runs by the Celtics to get back into the game:

“We were trying to go one play at a time. We were trying to get that one stop. We talked about that as long as we rebound and we don’t turn the ball over so we get a shot on goal, we are going to win the game. We went one possession at a time and sort of slowed the game down.”

RE: On the growth of this team after a win over a playoff team:

“We’ve just had a ton of adversity. I’ve said it in every interview, the only way you can fight through it is by coming together. That’s what we’ve been doing. We demand greatness from each other every day. We’re just glad to see results.”

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