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2/12 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at 76ers

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 112-109 victory over Philadelphia.

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RE: On the Celtics’ overall effort tonight:

"Really good. Good teams have clunkers, but good teams respond to those with the right effort and approach. That was a good one and now we’ve got another tough one tomorrow night and we’ll see if we can play well again. We’re going to have to play with the same kind of purpose."

RE: On tonight’s win:

"I just thought the whole night we played the right way and we just tried to stay within ourselves and we didn’t get too high or too low. We fought and that’s what you have to do to have a chance to win."

RE: On JJ Redick:

"To be the level of shooter that he is and make the shots that he makes, knowing that we are all losing sleep thinking about him and being there on every catch he makes, just tells you how good he is and how much of a threat he is. He probably is not gotten enough credit this year for how good he’s played, he’s a bear, you’re going to lose him some, but at the end of the game, we were on him in the right spots and able to make it as tough as possible. We just try to wear on him as long as we can; it’s hard."

RE: On he and Al Horford looking to put their imprint on the game:

"Definitely. The last couple of games, when you think about my effect on the game and what I was doing and my energy and things like that, I just try to change it and try to make it be reflective down the line."

RE: On if this game was fun:

"It was fun… fun. That was one of the better games, not even because we won; it’s the intensity everybody played with; the force everybody played with. We just let it go, man. Everybody played. It was very fun."

RE: On Al’s [Horford’s] ability to match up with Embiid on both ends of the floor:

"That’s tough, man. Embiid’s a big guy. He’s tough. We’re just battling, we’re not double-teaming, we’re not doing anything. Al’s taking that head-on. He’s very important to us and down the line, he’s going to be big for us when we get to the playoffs too."

RE: On how important it is to deliver against an elite team like Philadelphia:

"Yeah, I mean, I think it was a good win for us, especially considering the last two that were dropped and just some frustrations in those. I said it after those games, we played well in stretches but played miserable in other stretches, so for us to get the win tonight, like you said, against a very quality opponent was big, especially on the road without Kyrie [Irving], it was huge."

RE: On the key to staying in control of the game tonight:

"Yeah, I thought that we got some timely stops there, but I think most importantly, I think we played and got good shots on the offensive end. Didn’t allow them to get too many things in transition. That’s where I think they’re really, really dangerous with all the athletes they have and guys that can space and shoot and finish. That was key for us."

RE: On Al Horford guarding Joel Embiid:

"Al’s a smart defender, so I think he’s able to use spacing and angles and really kind of knows when to gap him, when to get up to him. He’s also just a tough defender, like taking bumps, able to not get backed all the way down and then still being long enough to contest his jump shots. Embiid’s a monster, so for Al to play like that is really encouraging. We’ve seen him do it in the past too. That was a good job by Al."

RE: On getting the final push:

"Yeah, you know just continuing to fight. They’re a team that’s playing really well and just have so many weapons. I just think that we stayed in the moment. They made runs, we made runs, you know just back and forth and we made enough plays there to finish it."

RE: On the fire for the team in the beginning:

"I mean I think coming into this game we understood, you know Philly’s been playing at a high level. We had disappointing losses at home. I felt like our backs were against the wall, so we all needed to come out and set the tone and we did that. But what I’m most proud of from our group is that we were able to sustain it and just played hard. I mean even if we would have lost, I was just happy that our guys were really engaged throughout the whole game."

RE: On sustaining the third quarter:

"Very important. I think Coach didn’t panic, we really refocused after that run and just got it going and kept doing the things we needed to do. I was just very encouraged, everybody was really locked in with all the assignments on the defensive end."

RE: On what he learned from tonight’s game:

"I think that we fought back into the game; the third period went our way to start, it went the Celtics way the last five minutes I think it was, then it toggled back and forth and then we found an extra gear I think the last few minutes. There’s a physicality that you have to play with to beat them and you’re reminded of that, they do a really good job of going at mismatches, we could all see the difficulty at times that we had guarding some of the physicality of them trying to post us with different mismatches, those types of things I think are. There’s a physicality that you learn from, I thought Jonathon played well. To Rich’s [Hofmann’s] point, they go at mismatches hard, they duck in, they’re physical with that philosophy."

RE:  On what the team can improve on:

"I think you have to find some level of better ball pressure; you have to find some level of better resistance, sort of staggered steps, there’s some technique things that we can do better and I think most importantly that at times you can’t over react. If tough twos for a while are the palatable shot and, admittedly, you can’t live like that, but periods of the game you can, then we have to be disciplined to do that. To start running around the gym and getting into scramble mode, isn’t in my interest, our interest either. I think when you really study the Celtics, what they do a good job of is they turn you over. I think we ended up with 14 for the game, which isn’t bad; 10 in the first half which was bad and they make threes. I think you have to be careful if you overreact to that type of environment as much as you do at times have to guard it better."

RE: On if he has to worry about thinking they can’t beat the Celtics:

"No, not even close. We’ve got a whole new team; we’ve been with each other for a minute. I don’t even think like that at all. I’m excited to play these guys."

RE: On the matchup against Boston:

"They’re a really good team. They did what they were supposed to do and we had to find a way to win. At the end of the day, I think we’ve been in the same predicament, position so many times and we didn’t do our job."

RE: On anything surprising:

"No, no, everything that we went over, made some shots, forced some turnovers. They played the way they wanted to play."

RE: On Coach Brett Brown and Joel Embiid talking about denying passes in mismatches:

"I mean I guess I got to agree. I think it’s tough whenever you have guys in the post that can shoot it and go off the bounce. I just think we got to do better at helping in rotating as a whole. We play them again, hopefully, we see them really later down the road, but what else can you say?"

RE: On what Al Horford does against him:

"He’s not doing anything, it’s just on me. I was sleepwalking for three quarters and that’s on me. Like I said, that’s on me. It has nothing to do with anybody."

RE: On countering mismatches:

"We need to do a better job of denying the ball and pressuring the ball. At the end of the day, it comes down to guarding your own man and that’s what we have to do. These guys, they take advantage of when we do help, and they move the ball pretty well. So, we just need to do a better job of guarding our own man."

RE: On if ball pressure was an emphasis after the game:

"We didn’t speak much after the game, but we always talk about it. When we got JJ [Redick] guarding Jaylen Brown or Marcus Smart, it’s all about the ball pressure to make sure we deny the entry pass and make it tougher."

RE: Thoughts on the game:

"You know, they made a lot of shots tonight. I thought that in the first half we really never got to our pace of how we kind of wanted to play. Usually that comes from being able to take the ball out, a majority of the time. So we weren’t really able to get out in transition as we wanted. They got on the glass, got a lot of second-chance points. But I just thought overall in the game, it was tough for us to get to our type of flow and our type of rhythm out there, which is going to happen. But I think it’s something that we have to identify early on and try to get some things ready for us. Overall, I still thought that we gave ourselves a legitimate chance to win that game, but it just went the other way."

RE: On how his last three attempt felt:

"It feels pretty much the same as all of the other shots I shoot, I think I’m going to make it. Tonight (was) a rough night shooting. But just be ready to bounce back tomorrow, that’s the biggest thing."

RE: If this was a good game to measure the team:

"I think for us it’s going to be, as we have said, there is going to be ups and downs. It’s just, when we do have a game like this that we lose, we make an adjustment from it and we understand how we need to play to be the best team that we can be. So I think there are things from this game that we can take and go back and look at and get better at, and just move forward from there."

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