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Terry Rozier

1/30 Arbella Quote Worthy: Hornets vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 126-94 victory over Charlotte.

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RE: Terry Rozier’s ability to run and energize the team without Kyrie Irving:

“Yeah, I mean, I just think it’s – you know exactly what you’re getting. And I thought that he had played well off the bench in a few games prior to that, and then you know, even though he didn’t get as many opportunities as far as shooting the ball, I think his – his spark over the last three or four weeks has been really, really impactful.”

RE: Where do you put the impressive stretch in the third and fourth in terms of the team’s play this year?

“It was up there. I mean, it went from a game – a four-point game with however much left in the third, and then you score, you get a stop, you score, and then all of a sudden that just kind of snowballs. Feels good to be on a run like that; different guys involved in that run throughout. Everybody that went in off the bench added to it without missing a beat. So that’s a good thing. Yeah, I thought we – I thought we played well in that stretch, for sure.”

RE: Was Gordon Hayward’s cutting dunk in the lane a sign of another step forward?

“Ah, no. I mean, I don’t think that that looked much different than what we’ve seen on a day-to-day basis. Obviously, we haven’t practiced a ton, but I see him do that all the time when he’s working out individually, especially at the – at the facility. He – we need to do a better job of setting him up, spacing, and finding him on cuts. That’s one of the great things that he does. And then it is good to see him dunk it in traffic. But at the same time, I think that we’ve seen that and we all know it’s there. And so I thought – I thought his play was encouraging, but I thought we got encouraging play from a lot of people.”

RE: Jaylen Brown:

“His dunks are sweet. I mean, I don’t know what to say about that – I’ve seen him dunk it a bunch. But, no, you know it’s one of those nights where Jaylen, I thought, not only got going on the offensive end with good, solid action and play off of actions, but then also played with great effort to get to a couple of loose balls that ended up landing in his hands and he laid it in, in the first half. So, I thought that – that’s usually a good sign you’re like really engaged in the game, is if you’ve got a nose for the ball. And I don’t think that’s a coincidence that the ten rebounds coincided with a great shooting night. You see that a lot.”

RE: With over thirty assists again tonight, can you say the offense is consistent?

“I think our offense has been pretty good since the first ten games of the season, so, I think there’s always room to improve and we need to improve, that’s pretty obvious, but as far as offensively I think we’ve had more dips defensively in the past two months – though not in the last few games; I feel a little bit better about how we’ve played recently, you know, the last five or six or whatever it is. But offensively we haven’t had as many dips in the last couple months. Now, we’ll see if that – that travels and we play well Friday, and you know, then you play again and again and again so we’ll find out.”

RE: Taking advantage of having 11 home games this month by winning 10 of them:

“When you looked at the schedule, you know, in the summer, what stood out was that October, November, and December were going to be really, really tough from a travel perspective. And, and then the opportunity to play a little bit more at home and be home, sleep in your own bed, which is obviously always a good thing, and so it’s good. And now we need to use whatever we gained from it to, again, go into February and play as well as we can over the next fourteen days prior to the All-Star break and hopefully finish the season strong.”

RE: You guys have had stretches this year where you build leads then let teams back into it:

“Just keep playing hard, trying to keep executing regardless of the score. Just come out and play with some good intensity and see where it leads you.”

RE: What kind of rhythm have you found?

“Just trying to be aggressive. Just trying to come out, play the right way. My teammates found me tonight and I am just having fun.”

RE: There were times when it seemed like the ball just found you, not you seeking it out. What is it like when you have those types of nights?

“It’s great. It’s a blessing. You come out, play the game of basketball. Definitely, a game I love to play. You’re out there getting easy baskets, you’re winning, and you’re having fun. All of that is a part of it. It means a lot. I’m having fun out there.”

RE: Nice double-double tonight, how did it feel?

“It felt good. It felt good, I didn’t even notice until my teammates when I was probably at seven assists so I was thirsty to get that three.”

RE: All 12 people from both teams scored tonight. That’s pretty rare. How do you think that happened?

“Sometimes, it’s just a part of the game. I don’t really know how to answer that, it’s just a part of the game, a part of the flow. You know, a lot of guys got going tonight and everybody scored. I never heard of that either. That’s crazy."

RE: You guys have had some big stretches this year then you guys have had some lows when you let them get back into the game. What happened tonight, taking over in the third quarter?

“I was about to say that, third quarter was huge. Obviously, we’ve been struggling all year in the third quarter. It’s been important to us. We just try to come out aggressive and come out being the harder playing team and it worked out for us.”

RE: Things broke down in 3rd quarter: what happened?

“We just couldn’t score. I thought we got back in the 2nd quarter more competitive, but in the 3rd quarter just could not find rhythm, could not score the ball, turned it over. Give them credit, they played well, they were the aggressive team in the second half, we didn’t respond to their physicality and it cost us.”

RE: In 3rd quarter was it shot selection that just weren’t going in?

“I think their physicality picked up. We had good looks, the looks we did have we could not knock down. Against this team you got to keep some momentum going and if you don’t it will cost you. Our poor offense led to good offense for them. We just could not get a handle on their scoring in the 3rd quarter. What would have helped us is if we scored a little bit, but just a rough combination for us on both ends.”

RE: What did you think of Malik Monk’s performance last few games?

“He’s doing well, he’s progressing, he’s growing, he’s looking for his shot, he’s growing on both ends of the floor. I thought he was solid tonight.”

RE: Final game of January, lots of road games, reflect on this month and your thoughts:

“I thought we did a good job. We navigated, tough schedule, on the road. I thought we got better overall. This isn’t how we wanted it to end, but we get to go home, and we got a big game tomorrow night.”

RE: Third quarter performance:

“They [Celtics] came out with a lot of energy on the offense, they moved the ball very well and we had no response for them in the third. We battled pretty well in the first half, but the energy was not there for us in the third. We have to move on from this game learn from it and going to fight.”

RE: What adjustments do you need to make?

“I think energy, the way we play we showed it in the last couple of road games we had. We played pretty great and tonight we did not do it. So, we will learn from what we did in the past and from this game we will do it again.”

RE: What contributed to your loss tonight?

“They [Celtics] just gave more energy than us, I guess they wanted it more. We came out kind of sluggish in the third quarter. They just jumped on us.”

RE: What improvements need to be made before your next game:

“Everything, we just have to continue to get better. Tonight, we stepped slow and stood behind. We did a great job in the first half staying with the game. But in the second half they jumped on us. We have to be ready to come out with better energy to start the game and continue it through.”

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