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Marcus Smart

1/28 Arbella Quote Worthy: Nets vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 112-104 victory over Brooklyn.

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RE: 3rd quarter D’Angelo Russell got it cooking, but you held him. What was the difference this time around as opposed to back in Brooklyn?

“He played 23 minutes instead of whatever he played last time. I don’t know, he did get it cooking in both of those 3rd quarters for whatever reason and those were tough shots, but that is what they do. They’ve been excellent in the 3rd quarters and went 38 on us again. Again, I thought, a little bit like the other game last time we played them, we were really good 1st, 2nd and 4th and not as good in the 3rd, but I thought for the most part we played pretty well tonight.”

RE: Marcus Smart & Aron Baynes carried team in first half in stretches there:

“Those are our splash brothers! (Aron) Baynes probably puts up as many attempts in practice as anybody on our team so it’s good to see those go down. Marcus (Smart) has been shooting great all year. Every time Marcus lets it go you feel good about it.”

RE: Very rarely you see as much zone as you saw tonight. What are the challenges of facing that type of defense and how often do you guys work on that?

“I can’t tell you the last time we went live in practice doing anything. It’s probably been since early December. We put five coaches out on the floor today and in our walkthrough at 4:30 p.m. jogged through some things we thought would be good against it, showed a lot of film on it. Didn’t feel like we attacked it very well from a mentality perspective at Brooklyn. We’ve been zoned a lot this year and that game at Brooklyn was really the only game where I didn’t feel good about our attack, but I thought we attacked it way better tonight and did a good job of finding points in the paint, which you want to do against the zone.”

RE: Celtics have finished 50 games and are 5th in Eastern Conference; does this meet your expectation?

“My expectation is just more focused on getting better. We will see where we are at the end of the year. We’ve had some moments that we’ve needed to improve from, we’ve had some moments where we’ve played pretty well and we’d like to bottle it up, but time will tell and hopefully we are playing better at the end.”

RE: Gordon (Hayward) struggling last few games, hurting confidence. What do you see from him and do you envision any changes?

“I think you just got to keep playing him and ultimately he’s going to have some ups and downs and he’s had a couple of games where the ball didn’t go in as much. I thought he was active tonight, I thought he did some good things and when that ball goes in he’ll feel a lot better and it will look a lot better on paper. Ultimately, we got a lot of wings, a lot of other wings played more tonight and against Golden State, but there are going to be nights where we are counting on him to close the game because he really got it rolling.”

RE: Jaylen Brown finishing better in transition, are you working on that with him?

“In all of our full court, high energy practices that we’ve had we’ve been working on that. We haven’t practiced so he does that in his one-on-one stuff and sometimes they play one-on-one-on-one with three guys, but we do do it as part of their workout. But, at the same time those are things that guys don’t get as many reps on in live action during the season, which is an unfortunate part of the schedule. We do get the pads out and we do it as much as we can without taking any energy away from the games.”

RE: What was the key defensively in the fourth quarter?

“Being locked in and staying focused. Coming in at half time we knew that they [Nets] were going to come out in the third quarter and play the way they did. They have been doing it all year. Unfortunately, we have been struggling in the third quarter. So we had to really lock down on that, and once we stopped the bleeding the rest was history of course.”

RE: What was it like to have a bounce back game after the Warriors game last Saturday?

“Yeah it was huge we are professionals and, it is the part of it you have to move onto the next one. We were short and Kyrie [Irving] was not playing and they made a lot of our guys step up and we did that tonight.”

RE: Being “Splash Brothers” with Marcus Smart:

“It is something I have always worked on. I do not think it is the main thing but I definitely have the confidence here. It is good when everybody has the confidence in you to go and knock that shot starting from the coaches and every player as well. It is a good thing I think any time any player takes a shot we are pretty confident that they are going to knock it down because we see everyone take the same type of shots in practice every day.”

RE: What was the key defensively in the fourth quarter?

“They have been a great third quarter team all year and that is one of the areas we need to pick up in. We knew they were going to come out and give it a push. Yeah it is just trying to weather that and reassert ourselves. I think Al [Horford] did a great job slowing us down and playing through him in the post everyone spaced and took our time and we took the right looks. We are going to come out with the right results a lot of the time. That is a good thing that we have someone like that who can slow us down in the right way.”

RE: What was the difference in the fourth quarter?

“Obviously, we struggled offensively. We didn’t shoot the ball well the whole game. Listen, I am proud of our guys. Excellent team. My guys gave it their all. Got it close, what was it 90-90 there? Got it tied then they kind of went on a run. Proud of how our guys played and competed.”

RE: When D’Angelo Russell was taken out in the fourth, was there a sequence you wanted to use as a teachable moment?

“It was rebounding in the zone and I felt like there were a couple of rebounds he could have gotten in there and got. So teachable moment. Then we made some subs and I thought the subs were playing good so just kept it that way. Also, in mind that we have another game tomorrow night. All of that played a factor.”

RE: After that 12-0 run by the Celtics, did you just see a lot of fatigue out there or was it something else?

“I think they’re really good. I think we held the fort. They’re an excellent team. They broke through there. We obviously played a ton of zone tonight to try to keep them at bay. I thought it was semi-effective. They found some solutions. Then again, we didn’t shoot the ball well. You’re going off misses all the time, it’s tough against a really good team.”

RE: What was the difference in the fourth quarter?

“I’m not sure what the rebounds were but it’s hard to rebound. They got every lose ball, every second chance shot. I think that’s what separated the game. They were getting second attempts at the rim.”

RE: What is the key to fighting through fatigue?

“Man, we’re pros. We’re pros, we know what we signed up for when it comes to taking care of your body, getting the rest and getting prepared for every game.”

RE: In the fourth quarter, you were on the bench. Did coach have any particular message for you?

“I haven’t talked to him. I think I missed a rebound, a 50/50 play that kind of set him off a little bit. I have to be better. That’s something I have to think about going into the next one. We need those plays.”

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