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1/12 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Magic

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's NaN-NaN defeat to Orlando.

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RE: On the last play:

“We had a couple options on it and one of them is (Jayson) Tatum curling off that screen, being available for that shot. Obviously, Kyrie (Irving) is another coming from the top, which we’ve seen before. When you’re in that position, you’re probably going to be lucky to get a good luck at the rim. And, I thought Tatum got a really good look, and Tatum’s a really good player. We’ve believed strongly in him for a long time. It just didn’t go down.”

RE: On Terry Rozier looking upset:

“I think anytime that you lose and you had a chance to win, you can ask him about it, but I think ultimately there were multiple options and him running down the floor was another one.”

RE: On whether he (Stevens) worries about playing inconsistent basketball:

“Yes, it’s all I think about everyday unfortunately, but that’s my job so I’ll keep thinking about it.”

RE: On start of the fourth quarter:

Terrence Ross changed the whole game. We didn’t get into his air space good enough and when we did, we fouled. Obviously anytime you have a shot at the end to tie or win that’s all everybody focuses on. But, that stretch in the second or maybe at the end of the first, early second, it was bad. And then the stretch at the end of the third, early fourth was what really gave them the momentum heading into the last quarter.”

RE: On what the Magic did to shut down Terry Rozier:

“I thought he had some good looks. They’re a good defensive team. They make it hard on everybody, but I thought he had some good looks.”

RE: On their defense:

“It was great until 3:50 whatever in the third and then we had them held to 59, and then after that it was when (Terrence) Ross got going and opened everything up. We had a number of errors on the weakside. We had a couple of back cuts that can’t happen for dunks. You know, like those types of things. Cuts down the lane. But, that’s what happens when occasionally you’re going to have those. When a guy catches fire you’ve got to slow him down.”

RE: On last play of game:

“There were a couple options that I had. J.T. on the curl was the first option that I looked at and decided to go with.”

RE: On Kyrie’s frustration with not getting ball on last inbound play

“Yeah I think he would have liked for me to pass the ball to Al and have him cut off of it. You know it was a late clock. We have worked on that play before and I have seen J.T. hit that in practice countless times so I felt like it was a good shot.”

RE: On his description of the offense of late:

“Well it has been really good as of late, but I think the last couple of games it’s not been as great but it has definitely improved from the beginning of the year. For whatever reason this road trip hasn’t been kind to us.”

RE: On being frustrated after final play of game and not getting ball:

“Next play…just J.T. got a good look. Move on.”

RE: On Hayward saying Irving wanted pass to be inbounded to Horford and then passed to Irving on final play

“It is just a possibility. It didn’t happen so next play.”

RE: On what is missing with this team:

“Experience. Experience. Best thing I can say is experience. We are lacking it and because of that we have a lot of learning to do. So we have a lot of ground to make up in that aspect and it gets tough…it gets hard. You have to think. You have to do the right things. You can’t gamble and think that it is going to be the winning play. You have to be able to play through the whole 48 minutes no matter what is going on and hold your head high when you make mistakes. When your job is called upon, you have to do it to the best of your ability. You have to come in and make an impact from the minutes that you are playing out there. You have to appreciate being out there and just competing. It doesn’t matter who you are going against. It matters the type of preparation you have...what you are going out trying to accomplish…what’s the big picture? What are we doing here? These are a lot of things that I don’t think that some my teammates have faced of this every single day. It is not easy to be great. So the things that you are doing that you have done your whole entire career of being able to coast by certain situations and gotten away with in your youth and stuff like that, being on a Championship ball club, you can’t get away with that. I know from the majority of the fact we are better than most teams in this league. It is just about going out and proving it every single night and demanding it and actually showing it. Until we do that, every single night and realize that our depth is a positive, and all the wishes and could haves and should have done this and done that…once that goes out the window then we will be better. Until then we will keep having these ups and downs and these lulls of going against teams on the road and they just know they can take advantage of us down the stretch when this group is in or that group is out. It has to be a cohesion and I have to be better as the leader of the team of doing so and making sure these guys have more experience in certain situations like that. I put it on me of just being better.”

RE: What does it say about your bunch to struggle shooting all night and then find a way to win the game?

“Yeah, I mean 33-26 in the fourth, 64 points in the second half against an elite defensive team. I mean we made some big plays. I thought obviously Terrence was instrumental there when he gets going he doesn’t need a lot of space, but I thought both halves AG, in the first half we were kind of down and out, he got going in transition, actually with Khem Birch setting some good screens he started getting to the basket and you know he shot 13 free-throws. He was on the attack and his defense was obviously very good too.”

RE: How do you evaluate how Khem played? And given how he played does he warrant more minutes when Mo Bamba is healthy?

“He played, I thought really well. You know he’ll play, Mo won’t be able to play tomorrow, when Mo comes back Mo’s going to play. Mo also had played I thought two of his three or four best games on the trip so Mo’s going to be playing.”

RE: Isiah Briscoe didn’t score, but he did a lot of the little things that go unnoticed, how important are those plays when it comes to beating a team like the Celtics?

“And he’s a plus 20 when he was out there and I think he organized us. They’re ball pressure and passing lane pressure and he handled that well and he’s big enough, quick enough and confident enough defensively so he can guard primary scorers. I thought he did a good job on Rozier and even the possessions when he had to defend Kyrie he did a good job. Everything you said I totally agree with.”

RE: You guys had some games where you lost a 17 or 12-point lead, tonight you were behind and came back, is this the other side of that?

“Yeah, I mean we’ve had a bunch of games too. I mean I just think that when you have a 24-second shot clock and you have the caliber of player that you have, like when people say you blew a double-digit lead like 12-point lead in this league is not a big deal, I mean you’d like to have it but it’s not a big deal, it’s not a big deal.”

RE: Vooch really struggled early and battled to get 16 points, was that some of the best defense you’ve seen by one person (Horford)?

“Well, they were coming now, I mean every time he got the ball in the paint they collapsed. I mean he still had 16 and 13 and he made two huge baskets and he also had one kick-out that led to an Aaron Gordon drive, so I mean he was still right in the middle of most of the things that were good.”

RE: On overcoming a deficit to win the game…

“It’s how it goes, man. This game is a game of runs. It can go up and down. It’s all about how you respond. After a long road trip and some tough games, I think we came out with a good response tonight.”

RE: On the importance of tonight’s win…

“It’s definitely a step in the right direction and we just have to build on it. It’s a tough stretch but that’s how it goes. You can’t complain. Everybody else is going through it. Tomorrow, we’ve got another one that we’ve got to kind of get ready for. It’s a tough game.”

RE: On Khem Birch and Isaiah Briscoe…

“They definitely stepped up in a big way. Super professional. They came out, did what they needed to do, and provided sparks. Isaiah (Briscoe) was diving on the floor. Khem (Birch) was getting rebounds and tip dunks—all the stuff that we need on the court. It was good.”

RE: On this team’s response with their backs against the wall…

“We’re resilient. We don’t give up. We’re going to keep playing no matter what and we kind of did that tonight. We’ve just got to keep building on it.”

RE: On the team’s performance in the fourth quarter…

“I think that we had a better purpose of play tonight. I think that we knew what we were doing and where we wanted our buckets to come from; whether it was Evan (Fournier), Vuc (Nikola Vucevic), or T-Ross (Terrence Ross). We were getting to the [free throw] line. We understood where we needed to score, at what time, and we just kept chipping away.”

RE: On what boost he provided the team tonight…

“It’s settling. It’s settling for our team. Instead of just taking jumpers, if [they’re] not falling, I get to the rack.”

RE: On Khem Birch…

“He played pretty good [with] his energy, his shot-blocking ability, his timing, his screening and all of the little things that you need on a team. You’ve got to have a guy like that.”

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