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1/10 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Heat

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 115-99 defeat vs Miami.

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RE: On the offense not playing as well as they have been:

“Probably making all those shots at the start that were great shots, but we were not generating much into the paint and we kept shooting tough, long, contested shots without much real attack until the middle of the third quarter. I think that showed in the fact that we had seven assists at halftime. They did a great job in imposing their will on us, which they have done a couple of times now in a row. And so hats off to them, but we may have fallen into that trap of making the early ones.”

RE: On Robert Williams defense during the comeback in the third quarter:

“Robert gave us a huge lift, he was excellent. He does a lot of things that he is still learning. There were a couple of screens and a couple of times on handoffs where he was a little behind the action, a little behind what the guard was trying to do on offense. But when he puts pressure at the rims with his rolls and he defends the way he does, he gave us a good lift. He gave us a chance, along with that group.”

RE: On the HEAT generating offense:

“I don’t think they felt us a whole lot. They really, really shot it and made big ones when we came back in the second half to stymie that, but that is a result of feeling comfortable all night, and good players. These guys are good players.”

RE: On Dwyane Wade after the Celtics cut the lead:

Huge shots. Him and I think it may have been Richardson who hit the other one, where we had cut it eight, nine, 11 and then we had a few throw-aways and they hit a couple and then it was tough sledding from there.”

RE: On the playing time adjustments that different guys on the team have to make:

“It is tough. One of the reasons that the guys on the bench play a little bit less minutes is because that starting unit, I couldn’t take them out in the third because they gave us a chance. They struggled early on in the third, but then when Robert went in, I thought we were awfully good, so I wanted to let those guys ride. And they were all dragging up the court with about 30 seconds in that quarter, but that probably limited all those guys minutes on the bench. That is part of it. We are going to have runs. We are going to have times when guys play more or less, but we just have to move onto the next one.”

RE: On the tough road trip schedule:

“No excuses from that regard. We could have played better. We needed to control what we could control.”

RE: On why he went to shoot after the game:

“That’s my job, right? It’s always good to get some work. It was a tough loss. They shot extremely well and did some great things. You have to give credit to the HEAT and the way they came prepared. They made some big shots. We just couldn’t get that [lead] shrunk down a little bit smaller. I just wanted to get some extra shots and feel good going into the next game. We’re staying the [night] in Miami, so I rather be in here than be out in Miami right now.”

RE: On what kind of workout he went through after the game:

“I was imitating things that the defense was doing to me tonight. The pressure that they were putting on me, I just want to feel good about it. It was good to see my shot go in a little bit. It was therapeutic.”

RE: On the game tonight:

“We were talking about how physical the HEAT are and the type of physicality that they bring into a game. But when you actually go out there and you see the pace that they’re playing with, the hard screens that they’re setting and how well they play at home against good teams, when things get tough we just have to be able to weather the storm and tonight I don’t think we did a good job of that. Defensively, [we] have to be in the right spots including myself. I mean shoot, I got dunked on early on. I wasn’t in the right spot. We have had 30 assists over the last five games and then we ran into a team like this where they make things difficult. Hassan is in the paint, Bam is in the paint. Derrick Jones Jr, was [grabbing] offensive boards. McGruder was playing with energy.”

RE: On the game:

“I feel like our energy was down tonight and not where it needed to be, especially coming from this team. I just tried to bring energy and get open shots for our scores. He (Brad) threw me in in a tough game. I tried to supersede every one of his expectations for me. I came up short even with the stuff people said I did.”

RE: On if they were sluggish because of the back-to-back and traveling:

“Really, that is the NBA. You don’t have time to be sluggish like that. You have to shake back.”

RE: On the game:

“When they came out aggressive from the start and hitting a lot of shots and they backed it up with the aggressive play and we just never could get out fully and recover all the way back. We climbed back in it a little bit in the third quarter, but they pushed it back up in the fourth quarter.”

RE: On exchanging jersey’s with Dwyane Wade:

“I just never thought I would see this day. Witness his one last dance and actually play against him and stuff like that. It was mandatory I got his jersey. I wasn’t letting anyone else get it. We became good friends over the last couple years. He text me right before the season started and wished me good luck.”

RE: On Dwyane Wade:

“A guy like him that has been around the block for a long time can pick his spots. He doesn’t even have to be the fastest or most athletic anymore, he knows his game and he can just play his speed.”

RE: On if Dwyane Wade was a player he idolized growing up:

“Yeah. That was my favorite player.”

RE: On what he is going to do with the jersey:

“What would you do with the jersey? Wear it, frame it and just don’t let it go.”

RE: On the game:

“That first half they came out more aggressive than us. They wanted it more. We just had to make our mind up that we were going to come out and play. When we do that, we are a force to be reckoned with. “Tonight they were the better team. They played better team basketball.”

RE: On what Robert Williams meant to the team defensively:

“He brought a lot of energy. He was a key part to that run. Just the simple fact he was in there and changed shots. He got his hands on a lot of loose balls. He really helped us with the rebounding out there. That was big for us.”

RE: On the game:

“We read the game. Seeing the quickness and speed of their second unit caused us to go with a quicker unit in the second quarter. We went with 11 tonight because we were able to read the game, and I have every thought to play the majority of our guys. You could feel and see us playing like a winning team.”

RE: On Dwyane Wade:

“I’ve been on this train with him for a long time now. He has a way of making us look a lot better. Their defense really started to step up and took us out of our normal actions, but he held us together. Sometimes this league is about having great players in those important moments. They have a lot of them on their team, but Dwyane stepped up and those plays were important to us.”

RE: On the Celtics cutting the lead in the third:

“They went on their run which was expected. This team doesn’t go away. They’re far too well coached, and they just have too many good players. Even on a back-to-back they’re very competitive. However, Dwyane made those big plays like I mentioned, and that kept us in the game and most importantly kept them away from us.”

RE: On Derrick Jones:

“I made it a point to him on how much his effort helped tonight. Our strength in our roster is our depth, and sometimes, some nights, it requires different strengths on our team. Some guys come in after sitting and sulk, but he came back ready to put in a valiant effort for his team. We needed him tonight and his speed and athleticism was able to match the speed of their second lineup, which is a very unique second lineup they have.”

RE: On Kelly Olynyk getting minimal minutes tonight:

“I felt empathy for KO because this was his former team, and he would have loved to be out there and grabbing more minutes. However, I looked at the lineup and I saw a bunch of two-guards, either all-stars or former all-stars. Therefore, we went with more speed.”

RE: On Tyler Johnson:

“He gave us some great minutes. After reading the game, we needed his quickness out there. They had quick guards and he really competed competitively on the ball.”

RE: On his shoe tribute to Sam Farkas:

“I thought it was necessary. It really wasn’t about any type of media attention or anything like that. I read the story, I heard about it and it’s something that I think a lot of people do, especially with the amount of apartments in Miami. It’s more just sending my condolences to the family, but also helping spread the message for people not to do it. Not to scale balconies and if you’re locked out of the house, just to wait. I know people personally that have done it and looking back at it, shouldn’t have let them do it. It’s just a tough situation, especially for that family. I wanted him to be with me tonight and the rest of the season. I just read the article. It’s something that I wanted to do. It’s just sad. I wanted him to be a part of this season and this moment for me. I figured he was probably a HEAT fan. Once people found out about it, I had a lot of people reach out, people that go to school with him, that sort of thing. Try to go and spread some good energy to them and his family as well. It’s just something super unfortunate and I just want to help the family and community any way I can.”

RE: On tonight’s game:

“Just trying to do my job as a leader of this team. Get the guys organized. Get us playing to our identity, which is tough, physical and aggressive. I love filling up the stat sheet. I know I’m capable of doing it, so that felt good tonight. It was good to play for something bigger than myself and bigger than this ball club tonight.”

RE: On closing tonight’s game out:

“It definitely felt good. I thought we had a couple of close ones that I felt could have gone our way, maybe if we had one or two more plays throughout the game. It was definitely good to end this little skid.”

RE: On the bench scoring:

“We have a lot of really good players. I think that’s what’s going to happen. We have a lot of good players that can come off [the bench] and be productive at any moment. We may not get 60, but we’ll definitely be efficient.”

RE: On James Johnson:

“Even though you want to come in right away and do exactly what you felt you were able to do before, it’s not realistic. For the person going through it, it is realistic. You can tell his movement, the way he’s been moving, it’s almost back.”

RE: On James Johnson’s poster dunk and if that set a tone for the night:

On James Johnson’s poster dunk and if that set a tone for the night:

RE: On two three-pointers he made while Boston was on a run:

“At that moment they had it going. We were turning the ball over and they were getting out in transition. You know a good team is going to make a run. When I came in it was just about settling us in a little bit. I got some shots to fall, but just a calming factor as I have always talked about. That is what I am here for.”

RE: On if it is still a big deal playing against the Boston Celtics:

“I think it is a big deal because of where they are at and obviously where they were last year. We are trying to move up and try to continue to get better.”

RE: On the HEAT’s second unit outscoring the Celtics second unit 60-23:

“Just continue the way we have been playing. Some nights obviously go the opposite way. I think defensively we did a helluva job. We try not to turn the ball over and we try to get good shots off offensively. I think the one good thing, especially with Dion back in that unit, we add another playmaker and scorer. It makes us even more dynamic in the second unit.”

RE: On Boston making the comeback run:

“It is something we talked about when we came in that timeout. They made a run, let’s calm down. Let’s understand why they made that run. We gave the ball to them. We turned the ball over. Let’s take care of the ball and we will be fine. We were playing great half-court defense. It is tough to play guys in this league in transition when they are getting out and going. We just have to take care of that and once we did we got the lead back up. ”

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