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Marcus Smart

1/7 Arbella Quote Worthy: Nets vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 116-95 victory over Brooklyn.

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RE: Was having eight players in double figures a function of what happened in the game, or the game plan:

“Well I think it was also a function of we didn’t play anybody above 27 minutes, so a lot of people played a little bit more. But we’re trying to get better at executing, playing together, reading things that are options in transition, playing faster while doing that – and while hopefully taking care of the ball, which we did at times tonight, but we were sloppy at other times. We continue to prioritize playing together, we should get – should get better.”

RE: Cooling off the Nets after their three-point blitz:

“We did get into them a little bit more, but also they just missed some – missed some. So, those early ones, there was no presence really, there was nothing really affecting the pass or the shot. And – and then we started getting into the ball a little bit better and making them a little bit more contested; once they feel you a little bit, at least those shots become a little bit more difficult. But they’re hard to guard, they spread you out, they pass the ball, and (Rodions) Kurucs’ coming out and hitting those three straight threes certainly put us in a – you know, you better – better be ready to go from there, because you’re already behind a little bit.”

RE: Has Jaylen Brown’s (better) passing been a focus, and how does it open up his game?

“So, we don’t ever talk about anything but making the next right play. And if the next right play is you’ve drawn two, then you’ve got to deliver it. If the next right play is you’ve, you know, help’s not coming, you’ve got to go and score the ball. We’re getting better as a group, and that’s very group-focused; each individual has their own things that they’re working on within that. But Jaylen, you know, Jaylen draws a lot of attention on his drives, so he has to be able to make those reads. And I agree with you: he’s gotten – he’s, he’s continued to progress throughout all three years, but you see – and even early on, I thought it was he made – he made some mistakes that were good mistakes in the season, because they – they showed that kind of growth in what he’s looking for. And so, I thought tonight he made some good plays. And we need him to continue to be able to make those plays because he draws so much attention.”

RE: In limiting players’ minutes, was this as ‘efficient’ as a win as possible?

“I didn’t think – yeah, I mean from a minutes standpoint and spreading the scoring out and all that stuff, yes, but I think that – I didn’t think we were that good, until about – you know, we had a stretch there in the first through the middle of the second, then I thought we were good middle-of-the-third and on. But we still had a lot of periods where we weren’t great tonight, and so, part of that is playing a good team, they make it tough on you. But they were really short-handed tonight, and you take a couple of those guards away that really stretched the floor for them and it made them go big, which they never go. So, they had to play unique ways, and – and I thought we – we were good, but we weren’t great, and so there’s a lot to learn from this as we get ready to play them again next week.”

RE: Marcus Smart’s improved three-point shooting:

“It’s all about – I’ve always felt like, he’s continued to work hard; he’s going to continue to get better. I think that this year he’s been really good about playing off of others. He’s not looking for it; he’s looking for other people, he’s looking to make plays for other people. But when the ball finds him in those spots, we need him to take those and make those. And he has all year. He works hard at it. He deserves to make them. And, you know, I think that he’s always – we’ve always thought, and you know this, he’s got guts. He’s going to make them when it all matters, and so it’s good to see him having some success from behind there.”

RE: Was it a point of emphasis to force turnovers early?

“It’s always a point of emphasis. We just tried to come out and be the more aggressive team tonight. Especially watching Brooklyn’s film, we know that they were very aggressive on the defensive end, trying to push guys off cuts, and the more comfortable they feel on the offensive end, the harder it was going to be for us tonight. So we just tried to use our aggression to our advantage tonight.”

RE: What can you say about the balanced offensive attack tonight?

“It’s perfect. Exactly what we needed. Everybody was getting great looks. They were falling for us. That came in handy for us tonight. Way too early. Other nights, isn’t going to be so easy for us. It was good to have those 11 turnovers for us and our defense stepped up for us as well.”

RE: How well was the ball moving tonight?

“Really well. Even when I sat out that game versus the Timberwolves, I thought guys really really played well together. I thought guys with the ball emphasized keeping it moving. A lot of guys scored in double figures. It played out well for us.”

RE: How much has gone into the process of learning to play together?

“I think a part of learning to play together, that’s just something that’s going to come. But if the ball is moving, I think everyone is going to get enough opportunities to do what they do to make the defense collapse. We just find the right guy, get it to him. It’s easy basketball.”

RE: How would you assess this game overall?

“They played great basketball. They shared it, they made a lot of shots, we weren’t on our game, we weren’t sharp and they took advantage.”

RE: What do you attribute turnovers to?

“That was kind of the old Nets, that was a big problem of ours last year and the beginning of this year, but we’ve done a good job of that. I would say their (Celtics) pressure. Al’s (Horford) elite, their bigs are up in pick and roll and their swiping and they’re active and they pull over on the weak side. They obviously have elite athletes, so they put a ton of pressure on your ball handlers.”

RE: Stretch of about 10 minutes where you went 0-10 in three’s, was that ball pressure or what was that?

“No, I think they are really good defensively. I do think we had some good looks from three and they didn’t go down. The combination of them shooting really well, us not shooting the ball well, but on these nights you say we should have drove it more, should have gotten to the rim more. If we made the three’s we’d probably say something different, but I think we could have done a better job getting to the rim.”

RE: How did the defense make things difficult for you?

“They’re a very cohesive group. Obviously, they are one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference and they forced a lot of turnovers, which got them out in transition and got them easy buckets.”

RE: How would you assess this road trip (2-1)?

“Anytime you go 2-1 on what was supposed to be a really tough road trip it’s definitely good. Obviously, we would have liked to get this one as well. We believe in our guys and our capability to do so, but 2-1 is solid for sure.”

RE: Turnovers high, what do you attribute it to?

“They played their tails off. They rotated, they shifted, they did everything they’re supposed to do to corrupt our offense.”

RE: Assess the road trip:

“I thought we did a great job. This is a loss that makes a little bit of noise, but I think we played well this road trip.”

RE: Assess the turnovers – more what they did:

“They played great defense, we didn’t play great offense; simple as that.”

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