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12/6 Arbella Quote Worthy: Knicks vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 128-100 victory over New York.

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RE: How Jaylen Brown looked overall:

“I thought he was really good. I thought he played with great pace and purpose and made really good decisions. I didn’t think anything was forced, which sometimes, when you come off the bench, that’s one of the things you try to catch up to the game quickly. He just played the right way and we needed – I thought our, our little, our bench unit in the second quarter gave us a little bit of a lead and then it went back and forth and then we were lucky enough to be up by eleven at halftime. But we were back and forth because we couldn’t get stops for the longest time. Finally there, at the start of the fourth, pushed it out a little bit, and he was a big part of that.”

RE: How long breaks affect players like Al Horford:

“I think any time that you can get – get off your feet a little bit that’s a good thing; that’s why I said Sunday and Monday were just as important as the practices. Because they were off that stretch of games. Prior to was difficult and long, and the travel was significant. And so it was good to be able to do that and I think that aided everybody. But, you know, I think that he’s had some really good games here in the last couple weeks.”

RE: Do you have an Aron Baynes Update?

“I don’t. In typical Baynes fashion, he said he’ll – he’ll do three-on-three drills tomorrow after he does full-court sprints and runs a marathon and then he’ll get ready for the flight, then he’ll play on Saturday. But I don’t know if our doctors agree with that, so we’ll see. But, Baynes thinks he can play through anything.”

RE: Kyrie Irving’s possibly tweaking his shoulder near the end of the game:

“So I think he got hit. He didn’t seem too concerned about it, but he’s going to get, you know, looked over obviously, as usual.”

RE: Reasons for defensive challenges in the second and early-third quarters:

“Well, two things. Number one is I thought we were – we were sloppy with our – I thought we were switching when we didn’t need to switch, I thought we were sloppy at times with our – what we like to do from a systems standpoint. And the second part is, we’ve played these guys three times and all three times, they make tough shots. Like, these guys make shots. And they play free. And – and Fiz (Head Coach David Fizdale) has done a good job of kind of instilling a confidence in that group and they’re playing with great freedom and (Tim) Hardaway (Jr.) and (Emmanuel) Mudiay when they get going are scary, and they got going there in the third and kind of kept it close there, for a while, by themselves. And so that’s why you have to guard as well as you can, as long as you can, because in this league once guys start making shots there’s not much you can do.”

RE: Competing until the end:

“I think our guys are in a good spot from that standpoint. I don’t – I don’t see some of the – some of the issues we had earlier in the season, when I watch us play. There are things we have to fix, but we’re competing at a good level.”

RE: How does your back feel?

“It held up pretty well. It feels better when you get a win, I’ll tell you that.”

RE: Season high at the free-throw line being the objective tonight:

“Be aggressive, I’m going to do what I do best, be aggressive. Things opened up a little bit where I continued to be aggressive and I feel like I put myself in a good spot.”

RE: What was different coming off the bench:

“Nothing, no different from me. Basketball is basketball whether it’s coming off the bench or walking out of the stands. It’s all basketball so you just come out and play.”

RE: How the team is different from the last time they played the Knicks:

“I think I said it in the last media session we had at practice, just a different identity. For us, we’re just having a lot more fun, making sure that we’re paying attention to detail, and to make sure we’re playing at a level that we all demand out of each other.”

RE: Difference in pace of their offense:

“It definitely puts us in a better position, it creates other opportunities that we don’t have to generate a half-court offense and it just forces the defense to be on their heels for most of the game. When we’re playing like that, we’re pretty successful. Obviously we have a great head coach that does a great job of play calling but he also gives us a lot of freedom to go out there and create for one another. I think we’ve been doing a great job of just trusting each other, having everybody touch the ball in certain possessions, being aware of what the defense is trying to take away from us and just taking away our mismatches.”

RE: Kyrie Irving:

“I’ve said it before, I hate being on the other end of it but he’s one of those guys I would pay to see. He’s just so hard to keep in front of you, when he’s coming down 27 feet and making that shot it’s tough.”

RE: Falling behind after the first half:

“We were right there slugging away with them, and then in that fourth we just couldn’t get the ball to go in the hole. We couldn’t come up with that stop we needed. We cut it to six there, I was like okay, here we go, and then the came right back and hit a three, I think Kyrie hit a three. That’s how it kept going, every time we would get close, they had an answer for us.”

RE: Fourth quarter getting away from them:

“I don’t know what happened, but I do know one thing, you’re not going to win in this league giving up 30 points in every single quarter, so we have to do a better job defensively as a team and individually including myself. Until we get that done, we’re not going to win any ball games. We’ve got to go out there and compete on the other end of the floor and try to hold each other accountable on that end of the floor, because giving up 30 points each quarter in this league, it’s hard to win. It’s just point blank.”

RE: Beating the Celtics only 2 weeks ago:

“I mean we hung in there with them in the first quarter. It wasn’t like they were up 15, 20 points off the bat. We were down three, down five, we cut it back down to two here and there. We knew they were making a run so we just had to maintain it. But it all goes back to giving up 30 points every single quarter, you’re not going to win.”

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