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11/30 Arbella Quote Worthy: Cavaliers vs. Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 128-95 victory over Cleveland.

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RE: Finding a rhythm during the second quarter:

“We were scoring all night. You know, they – they had some and-ones, they made some good physical drives, made some really tough shots, and this is a hard league to win in. It’s a harder league to separate yourself in a game in. And I thought our guys did a good job tonight. They stayed the course, they played together, a lot of guys did a lot of good things and kind of built off of what we’ve talked about, worked on. We’ve been a little bit better since Thanksgiving Day and tomorrow will be a – kind of a good test for everything because these guys are playing great. So it’ll be fun.”

RE: What looks different about Gordon Hayward this week:

“I don’t see a lot different. I mean, maybe – maybe a couple of drives that he’s looking to get fouled or get to the line or get to the rim. But he’s – he’s just going to make the right basketball play. And I said before the game, you know, he’s – it’s a work in progress; he’s going to be better at Game 40 than he is 20, 60 than he is at 40. But he makes the right play a lot. He moves the ball. And I think that that’s – benefits a lot of guys and that’ll open up things for him as time goes on. But he did have a really good week of practice, and you can kind of see that, you know, there’s going to be some good days ahead.”

RE: More than 50% of Celtics’ shots were in the paint tonight:

“I might’ve said it the other day: I think in an ideal world we’d like to get dunks and layups every time. But, you know, other teams are there and try to take them away so it’s tough. But I thought our guys did a good job of attacking off of screens and off of pick-and-rolls and off of rolls. And I think we can still get a lot better with that stuff, but we’re making strides.”

RE: Sustained effort over 48 minutes:

“Nobody’s going to play perfect, but I think that our approach was good. I think our approach the last few games have been good. Yeah. Just have to keep it going; just have to doing it. Twenty-two games in – just like you can’t – can’t get too low when things aren’t going your way, you win a couple you better just stay the course because you’ve got a tough one tomorrow.”

RE: After practice Kyrie Irving talked with you, what was that conversation like?

“Just a talk between us about looking for my shot a little bit more. It’s something that I do need to be a little bit more aggressive I think at times passing a little too much. It is something that I need to be better at moving forward.”

RE: How do you balance Brad (Stevens) saying he wants you to be a jack of all trades making plays for others and yourself?

“It’s something that I got to be able to do. I think we have a lot of talented scorers on this team so something I think I can bring to the table is facilitating, making the right play, being a good playmaker. At the same time if you’re doing that then the defense can kind of play you into only passing and the reads aren’t there anymore. It’s definitely a balance.”

RE: What did you see from tonight’s balanced attack and Kyrie (Irving) getting in his zone?

“I thought we were connected on both ends, especially there in the second half, we got some stops and some scores and put those together a little bit and separated ourselves from them. I think tomorrow is going to be a big test for us in that regard, see if we can be consistent on the road for the full 48 minutes. It’s fun playing out there when we are playing like that.”

RE: Collin Sexton growing as a rookie:

“Just focus on the things you can control. Obviously getting better every single day in the gym, but having that same attitude and mindset. Coming out in the first quarter and shooting as many shots as he did and trying to prove a point against me, I mean I loved it. Obviously some very makeable shots on his end that could’ve gone in easily and I think he would’ve probably been in a different rhythm. You always pay attention to those types of things, but we got on transition and kept control of the game and just tried to make him as comfortable as much as possible. He’s a really good player, I’ve been a fan of his since he was in high school. Obviously I’ve been doing a little studying as well and just waiting for that moment to play against a young guy like that.”

RE: Being at point in career where young guys are compared to you:

“I mean I’m only 7 years older than him, that’s probably a long time now. But I think the point I’m getting at in my career, I’m very appreciative, but I always like those guys that build their own identities just like I have but just take away some of the great things that other great players have done in order to incorporate it into your game to get better, so every single year you see the great players in our league continue to get better.”

RE: Being close in the first half, what happened in second half:

“I just thought they really out-dealt us. You know, we had moments in the first half where I thought we played well but there were just some plays where we just got out-toughed, and that was the most disheartening thing about this game. In the start of the third quarter we missed some shots and they made shots. Can’t take anything away from them, they’re a good team, but hopefully we can learn from this type of a game because we have another one tomorrow night against a team that is very, very similar. We’ve got to be prepared for a war because it’s going to be a tough game.”

RE: What adjustments are needed on the defensive end:

“Defensively we just have to be better. Particularly with 50/50 balls. I thought for the most part we were good with our coverage, our individual defense wasn’t at its best, but we have to be better coming up with 50/50 balls, we have to better as far as boxing out, particularly on the road. When you’re not good on the road with that, bad things usually happen.”

RE: Acclamation to the Cavaliers/thoughts on performance tonight:

“It was rough just trying to get a rhythm. I tried, it was a first step.”

RE: Playing with Gordon Hayward previously, seeing him progress from injury:

“When I was with Utah we played him a couple weeks ago, and he’s a totally different player than he is now. Those types of injuries, they just take time. He’ll get his whole rhythm back. He’s going to get back to another level, back to the all-star he was.”

RE: Second quarter:

“The second quarter just got away from us. Well, the second quarter we fought back, and the second half just got away from us. We made a run, and in this game, it’s about making runs and we just couldn’t get over the hump.”

RE: What makes the Celtics defense so tough:

“Just because they show bodies. Especially when we’re standing around it’s tough to get over the looks and stuff so next time we just have to continue to move and just move the ball around really.”

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