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11/9 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Jazz

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 123-115 defeat to Utah.

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RE: On the game:

“Yeah, I felt they played great. Obviously, [they] shot the heck out of the ball. You know, a lot of emotion and I think they got a lot of great performances. If you look at kind of where the game was lost, I would say end of the second, start of the third. Then I thought our guys, like they always do, just stayed the course and gave ourselves a chance to get back in it. And then we took some really tough shots through [Rudy] Gobert and a couple of rushed early jump shots that probably stunted our ability to come back. I think a lot of that is because of our guys competitiveness and that’s a good thing.”

RE: On how Gordon Hayward handled the emotions:

“You can ask him how he felt. I mean it is what it is. I think one of the things that we knew coming in was that there was going to be a lot of emotion on their side and with the fans and everything else. I thought he did a lot of good things and you know, it’s probably not the easiest position to be in but I thought he handled it well from a playing standpoint.”

RE: On guarding Joe Ingles:

“We made some mistakes. We did a little bit differently in the second half, or we tried to, when we didn’t, he burned us. You know, those runs you can’t let in the NBA. Those 12-0 runs after, you know, in the first. Then they had another one in the second half. Then another one to start the third. Just can’t have those. Puts you in too big of a hole. Otherwise we played pretty well. It’s tough to beat a good team if you play, you know, 36 minutes of good basketball. I’m encouraged. I think we did a lot of good things tonight. I think we can get a lot better. We played a really good team that was playing well.”

RE: On his first start of the season:

“It feels good. I mean, I hate to lose more than I like winning. I’m still upset from my first start that we didn’t get it done. But we can take a lot of things from this game. Defensively we didn’t pay attention to details, of guys’ tendencies, what they like to do and then take that away. We just didn’t have a presence out there so they played freely.”

RE: On the Celtics’ effort:

“Effort is the most important thing and that takes heart. So we’ve got to go out there and it isn’t just about scoring all the time. We’ve got to go out there and give effort especially on the rebounding. They out rebounded us by 17 and that’s all effort so we need more of that.”

RE: On Jayson Tatum:

“You know it takes time. I know that we’re all impatient like we all want things to work. But it’s not only him but all of us. It takes time for us to figure out how we’re supposed to play, at what level we need to play and the things we need to do. He’s been great about learning on the fly all year. Last year he was great about learning on the fly and this year he’ll figure it out.”

RE: On the Celtics’ defense:

“Yeah, today I wasn’t very happy with my performance. I felt like I wasn’t that presence I needed to be on the defensive end and it was a lot of miscommunications. And I take blame for that and I need to be better. Especially going into a game in Portland. Those guys are really good playing at home and we’re going to have to be great in order to win that one.”

RE: On being back in Utah:

“It was fun. It was good to see the people walking in. See some of the people around the arena. Obviously, the staff over there and some of the players. Wish we would have won the game, but it was good to see everybody.”

RE: On reuniting with old teammates and coaches:

“That was part of the cool part, to see and talk to some of those guys that I don’t get to see anymore, Joe Ingles, all the people on the staff, some of the front office. Like I said, some of the fans. I saw Gail [Miller]. All that stuff was good.”

RE: On his preparation for the game:

“Just try to prepare for it like I prepare for every game. We were on a back-to-back, so not that much time to think about it. Really just focused on some of our game plan execution stuff, which we didn’t end up doing that great. Had my wife here, which was good to have here. I know everyone was excited to see her here. Just went into it looking to have some fun.”

RE: On the emotion and atmosphere of the game:

“It was a playoff atmosphere, we needed everybody in the arena. Thank you tonight, we appreciate it. We will keep it rolling for you guys man, thank you.”

RE: On the Jazz’s identity:

“It’s right here, we just need to bring it every night, we are confident of it. We are trying to keep working and we will get better and better. It is a work in progress. It will be better.”

RE: On His Rhythm:

“Just staying focused. Shots didn’t fall early, but understanding the process, knowing that my teammates believe in me, knowing my coaches believe in me and staying the course.”

RE: On the win and the way they got the win:

“We just have to stay focused the whole game, we knew this game means a lot to the fans and we have to come out ready and that’s it.”

RE: On the Jazz’s Identity:

“It’s about us and what we focus on. Everyone does what they have to do and we are a pretty good team. We showed that tonight.”

RE: On Guarding Gordon Hayward:

“I was trying to get fouled and get him fouling, honestly. He had three, a lot of those just breaking the paint a lot times where I just posted instead of making the right play. You can’t let that affect you, you need to stay locked in, which I didn’t do a few times and I think that is what I’m really thinking about. Not the one time that I was schooled, but the four of five times where I had guys open where I decided to go to the rim. I got to continue to improve in that area, but like I said, it was fun”

RE: On playing a complete game:

“You can feel it, we are getting it. We have worked on it and we are getting it for sure, I think wins like this help boost our confidence.”

RE: On changing the momentum in the third quarter:

“I think we have times we come in the third quarter kind of relaxed. You know with a team like this you can’t give them these kinds of opportunities. You see what what they did to Phoenix, they came back in a hurry. I think those shots, Joe taking all day and then Ricky having one, being able to knock shots down. Then saying, ‘We need to focus in on defense. We have a seven-point lead now, it can be a tie game or we can be up by 14 or 15, we just got to play defense.’”

RE: On his shooting in the second quarter:

“I’m not really sure, to be honest. We run good stuff, in general. We move the ball. Got some open looks. We were able to execute what we wanted to do and were making shots. It makes the game a lot easier when you make shots and don’t have to rely on your defense.”