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11/5 Arbella Quote Worthy: Celtics at Nuggets

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's 115-107 defeat to Denver.

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RE: On Jamal Murray:

“It was a heck of an individual performance. We tried a lot of different guys, a lot of different coverages, we tried to go small and switch, we tried a lot of different things and he pretty much cooked us over and had a heck of a game. We sent two at him most of that time in the fourth but by that time he’s just rolling so much. I thought he got a couple of easy ones that made him feel good, right out of the gate. He had been struggling shooting the three coming into this game, at least versus his level. We left him early and he had that 10-point run in the first half and we were really scoring the ball. From that point on it was really just lights out. Like I said, we tried a lot of different things and none of them worked. He deserves credit, it was one heck of a performance.”

RE: On what changed offensively after the first quarter:

“Well, I thought we generated good looks a lot of the game and maybe there were spurts in the second quarter where we weren’t as good as that was the same thing in the end of the game. I thought we got a little ISO-heavy at times but we were driving it, making it to the rim, making extra passes. We missed some outside threes, we didn’t shoot it as well from the three but our attack was better. They are a good defensive team and overall I leave here encouraged by our offense and discouraged by one guy who went nuts.”

RE: On his aggressive mindset tonight:

“I just made shots, it was just timely. I don’t think it was more me coming out aggressive every single game, more or less. I’m trying to get inside the perimeter, more or less, and trying to be not so much three-point dominant. I had their guards on me and I took some, I don’t think they were tough ones, but they were contested pretty heavily and I’m glad they went down tonight. We tried to get the ball swinging a little bit and create opportunities but as a team our shots weren’t falling.”

RE: On what the team can learn from this loss:

“How hard it is to win on the road. Possessions down the stretch, when it’s a five-point game, seven-point game, even a nine-point game, for us as a team, we have so many plays that we go to and we don’t need to dominate that with three-point shots. An easy two here or getting the clock to stop and having them run another possession could always equate to us getting back in the game. I think down the stretch we shot a few too many threes instead of taking the easy ones.”

RE: On frustration being on the wrong end of Jamal Murray’s 48-point night:

“It happens. You can’t let a guy get hot, feel comfortable. It’s the NBA, somebody catches fire it’s hard to put that fire out.”

RE: On what the team can learn:

“We just got to keep doing what it takes to win, like the stuff that gets us our lead, we have to maintain. We can’t start wavering after we get a big lead. We’ve got to keep hitting them in the mouth. We let our foot off the gas. We lose.”

RE: On cooling off after hot start:

“We stopped moving the ball, started settling, missed some easy ones, missed some open ones too. We still could’ve won this game, we just have to find ways to win when it comes down to end. Rebounds, stops and that mentality that it takes to get the W.”

RE: On Jamal Murray’s performance:

“It was an incredible performance. Obviously, 48 points and he was shooting into a big basket the whole night throughout the game and even when they tried to turn up the pressure, he found ways to get to the rim. He hit some incredibly difficult shots but he was in the zone tonight. (I’m) thrilled for the win, thrilled with his performance. He’s just got to learn, and we talked about it, not taking that last shot but he’s young, he’s still learning and you never want to try disrespect anybody. I think it wasn’t disrespect, he was trying to get 50 points, which you understand but our veterans hit him, they talked to him and it’s something he’ll learn from. Hell of a win, hell of a crowd and hopefully the Celtics fans had a good time tonight.”

RE: On what allowed the Nuggets to come back despite being down 18 points:

“Taking care of the ball. I mean, that first quarter for the game, we had seven turnovers for 11 points. We were throwing the ball everywhere. It was funny, I wanted to take Jamal [Murray] out because he had three turnovers but he also had 12 points so I figured the 12 points outweighed the three turnovers and I left him in the game. Once we took care of the ball, our bench was terrific. We started that second quarter on a 7 – 0 run and cut (the lead) and the next thing you know we are at halftime and we are down two so give our guys credit. Down 18, no panic. They’re a good team and they are going to make shots but we stayed with it and we were able to pull out a good win.”

RE: On the bench playing well:

“This is not the first time it’s happened. In Cleveland, a couple games ago, our bench came in and was terrific; A lot of energy in the third game in four nights. The other night, the same thing. Our bench was phenomenal against Utah in that fourth quarter and tonight. You talk about them time and time again but Mason [Plumlee], Malik [Beasley], Juancho [Hernangomez], Monte [Morris] tonight playing huge minutes down the stretch. Our bench is definitely playing at a high level and we need them to continue to play at a high level and help our starting unit out.”

RE: On Jamal Murray’s career-high 48 points tonight:

“We know Jamal can get hot and he was in one of those zones today. The basket looked like the ocean and we were rolling him until the end.”

RE: On Jamal Murray getting the offense going in the first half and then helping close out the game:

“Yeah, he definitely got us going. We got off to a slow start and Boston jumped us, but Jamal is a gamer. He plays his best in big games and he came ready to play (which) was the reason we won tonight.”

RE: On what allowed the team to overcome an 18-point deficit:

“We got stops. Once we got stops we kind of got into a rhythm offensively and once we were able to settle down we were good to go.”

RE: On the game:

“That was a fun game, I was having a lot of fun. I think my emotions took over as it normally does. No disrespect to the Boston organization and fans with that shot, I just had in my mind that I was going to go 50 and I think everybody kind of understood that was what I was trying to do. I really wasn’t meaning no disrespect. I know half the team over there so no hard feelings but iIt was just a fun game and my emotions took over and I was looking for that ball […]. I think coach called that play for Joker and I put up for three and they called the time out. My emotions just took over and that’s how I get sometimes.”

RE: On what point you knew this was a big game for you:

“My first shot. I think just I was tired going into the game but I play better when I am tired, more focus. I was taught that way, grew up that way and I don’t even know how much I had at the half but I didn’t lose that mood. I didn’t lose that confidence and my team just kept finding me the ball. They were telling me to go get the ball, telling me to run play for me. They had my back and I think they were looking for me more.”

RE: On scoring back and forth with Kyrie Irving:

“It’s a lot of fun to go against him especially when you are both making shots and you get to come up with the W. We got the best of him tonight. I know it wasn’t just me. Jaylen Brown had a couple of good moves. Jason Tatum had a couple of good moves. Kyrie was hitting all over the floor so like I said it was a really fun game, similar to the OKC game that we had last year where both teams were going at it and the fans were enjoying it.”

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