Boston Celtics 2015 Draft Profiles
Terry Rozier
Terry Rozier
G | 6'1" | 190 LBS.
17.1 PPG | 5.6 RPG | 3.0 APG


Draft Profile Video: Terry Rozier

Amanda Pflugrad and Louisville basketball beat writer Jeff Greer discuss guard Terry Rozier and how his upbringing led to the characteristics he plans to bring to the NBA.
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Draft Profile Video: Terry Rozier

Amanda Pflugrad and Louisville basketball beat writer Jeff Greer discuss guard Terry Rozier and how his upbringing led to the characteristics he plans to bring to the NBA.
Jun 25, 2015  |  04:18

2015 NBA Combine - Terry Rozier

Louisville Terry Rozier gives an interview at the NBA Combine in Chicago.
Jun 25, 2015  |  02:14

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NBA Draft Combine Measurements

Body/Anthropometric Measurements
Body Fat % 5.60%
Hand Length 8.25"
Hand Width 8.50"
Height w/o Shoes 6'0.5"
Height w/ Shoes 6'2.25"
Standing Reach 8'2.5"
Weight 190.2
Wingspan 6'8.25"
Physical Tests
Lane Agility 10.84
Shuttle Run 2.84
Three-Quarter Court Sprint 3.15
Standing Vertical Leap 33.0"
Max Vertical Leap 38.0"
Body/Anthropometric Measurements
Body Fat % Hand Length Hand Width Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Standing Reach Weight Wingspan
5.60% 8.25" 8.50" 6'0.5" 6'2.25" 8'2.5" 190.2 6'8.25"
Physical Tests
Lane Agility Shuttle Run 3/4 Court Sprint Standing Vertical Leap Max Vertical Leap
10.84 2.84 3.15 33.0" 38.0"


Pros Cons
Length Tweener
Slashing Inconsistent
Scoring Size
Quickness -
Defensive Potential -

Why You Might Know Him

Though inconsistent at times, Terry Rozier was Louisville’s clear-cut top scoring threat this past season. He led the Cardinals in scoring and had 33 double-digit scoring efforts over a 36-game span. At times Rozier has difficulty finding his shot, but he is fully capable of taking over a game; he tallied 69 points in a single contest when he was in high school.

Scouting Report

I have a lot of questions about how Terry Rozier will transition to the NBA game, but I also have a lot of important answers. Rozier is tough. He’s confident. He’s gritty. He plays with great effort. He’s the kind of guy you want on your side. Most players who were projected to be first-round picks did not fully participate in the Draft Combine. Rozier? He participated in every single element. That says something about his make-up. He’s a great athlete, with great length, who proved at the Combine that he can move with anyone. He’s not the most talented offensive player but he makes an impact with his slashing. He’s a scorer above all else, who uses great quicks and pace to free himself from defenders. The problem is that he’s inefficient with the ball. He doesn’t showcase explosiveness around the basket, and his shot is very inconsistent. In order for him to survive and carve out an offensive role in the NBA, his jumper will need to vastly improve. He needs that shot, because his vision and passing skills are below average and I don’t expect him to be a great finisher at the next level. On the other hand, I do expect him to be a strong defender. He’s a competitor with great agility and instincts. He has a great knack for picking off passes and reading eyes. Couple those traits with his length and strength and you’ve got a guy with high defensive potential.


Rozier was born on March 17, 1994 in Youngstown, Ohio to Eugenia Tucker and Terry Rozier. He is one of three children, sandwiched between brother J’maine and sister Tre’dasia. Rozier played four years at Shaker Heights High School (Shaker Heights, Ohio), and averaged 25.6 points, 6.5 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 4.7 steals per game as a senior in 2011-12. He then completed a post grad year at Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, Va.), where he averaged nearly 30 points per contest and established a school-record 69 points in one game. Rozier attended Louisville, his lifelong dream university. As a freshman during the 2013-14 season, he averaged 7.0 points and 18.9 minutes per game. This past season, Rozier’s minutes doubled and he developed into one of the premier players of the Atlantic Coast Conference. He was the only player in the ACC to average at least two steals per game and was the fourth-highest scorer in the conference, putting up 17.1 points per game. Rozier also led the Cardinals in free throw percentage (.790) and was second in rebounds (5.6) and assists (3.0) per game. On March 30, he and Louisville teammate Montrezl Harrell – also a Hargrave graduate – declared for the NBA Draft.


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