Bridget - Celtics Dancers Bio


Birthplace: Concord, MA

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Grilled cheese

Favorite music: Anything you can dance to.

Hobbies: Yoga, watching movies, reading, sailing and traveling.

Career goal: To dance professionally.

Lifetime goal: To travel to as many places as I can.

Words to live to by: "The more we take, the less we become."

Favorite book: Exodus

Favorite movie: V for Vendetta, Zoolander and Love Actually

Favorite actor/or actress: Johnny Depp / Rachel McAdams

If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would it be? Why? I would be Kelly Clarkson so I could sing my heart out and actually sound good.

Other Languages? No.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Bermuda

What is your favorite season and why? Summer is my favorite season because I love outdoor parties and barbeques.

If you could spend the day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be? My mom when she was my age.

Who is your favorite basketball player and why? Larry Bird because he is one of the all-time best Celtics players and I grew up watching him play.

Anything interesting you would like Celtics fans to know about you?


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