Rajon Rondo Provides Families With Holiday Food

Rajon Rondo helped provide local families with food for Thanksgiving at The Grea

Rajon Rondo helped provide local families with food for Thanksgiving at The Greater Boston Food Bank.

BOSTON – Staggering statistics indicate that hunger is a nationwide issue. According to The Greater Boston Food Bank, one out of every eight Americans uses a food pantry, meal program or shelter; one out of every seven is food-insecure; and one out of every six is living in poverty.

Wanting to assist in any way possible, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo provided Thanksgiving meal food items to 200 families in need Tuesday evening.

“No one should go to bed hungry,” said the guard. “Hunger is a huge problem not only in Massachusetts but across the nation. Thanksgiving is a holiday where food is central as families come together to celebrate. I wanted to make sure some of Boston’s neediest families were able to have a meal this Thursday.”

As families walked into The Greater Boston Food Bank distribution warehouse they were greeted by Celtics volunteers who gave each family a grocery bag to use while picking up their items. The families went from table to table selecting cans of corn, peas and green beans in addition to cranberry sauce, turkey stuffing and potatoes.

In total, 16 food items were given out with the culmination of the turkey coming at the last table. Rondo was there to greet every family and provide them with a 10-14 pound whole turkey.

“Rajon was very generous tonight,” said Raquel Delvillar, a mother of two. “For him to give back to the people in his community who need it is inspirational and means a lot.”

While it was clear that the food items and the experience meant a lot to the families, it also meant a lot to Rondo. Between handing out turkeys, he took the time to speak with the youth, asking them how they were doing in school, talking about sports and discovering what their favorite Thanksgiving food was.

“Today one in nine in Eastern Massachusetts is at risk for hunger,” remarked Suzanne Battit, the Vice President of Development for The Greater Boston Food Bank. “This means that they don’t have access to healthy, nutritious food. Hunger is a big issue but together we can help. With Rajon being here today and helping to distribute Thanksgiving meals, he is having a significant impact on the issue of hunger and making sure people have a healthy meal this Thanksgiving.”

Rondo’s effort Tuesday night helped to give 200 families a memorable Thanksgiving that they will never forget!

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