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Olynyk, JN Phillips Raise Environmental Awareness for Fall River Students

FALL RIVER, Mass. – Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in history, making the need to conserve and protect our environment more critical than ever.

On Thursday, students at the Tansey Elementary School in Fall River were joined by volunteers from JN Phillips Auto Glass and the Boston Celtics to celebrate their success for going green and having a positive impact on the environment.

For the past three months, the Celtics along with team partner JN Philips Auto Glass engaged the students of Tansey by participating in a series of challenges to help promote a greener environment through the GreenShield Recycling Education program.

These challenges encompassed the importance of recycle, reduce, reuse, which represent the three pillars of the program.

The students first took part in a recycling competition in which they were asked to properly dispose as many plastic bottles as possible during a 10-day span. Collectively, the school was able to recycle a total of 56,089 bottles!

They then were tasked with reducing energy consumption by doing things such as turning off lights during off-peak hours, or powering down electronics when not in use.

The final challenge required some creativity, as the students had to reuse items deemed as ‘trash’ by Celtics players to create a visual art display. This was no easy feat, but the students successfully turned items such as old t-shirts, drinking cups, and shoeboxes into a TD Garden basketball court replica, a life-size basketball player model and even a three-hole mini-golf course.

Now in its fifth year, the program continues to strive to engage students in activities surrounding environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

To mark the end of the 2017 program, Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk, assistant coach Walter McCarty, team mascot Lucky and JN Phillips Auto Glass president Bob Rosenfield participated in an energy conservation activity involving Chromebooks and Makey Makey kits donated by JN Phillips before hosting a school-wide assembly to celebrate a job well done.

The theme of the assembly? Leave a positive environmental footprint.

“It’s going to be really, really hard to not do anything wrong, but what you want to try and do is leave a positive environmental footprint, leave a positive impact on the environment,” said Olynyk, reflecting on what he had learned while taking an environmental ethics class at Gonzaga University.

“If you could do more good stuff than bad stuff, we’re going to be in a better place,” concluded Olynyk.

After Olynyk provided his thoughts, Rosenfield wrapped up the assembly by sharing one last important lesson with the students.

“Always pick the right way,” expressed Rosenfield. “Doing the right things are going to come back to you in the right kind of way, so thank you for choosing every day here to do the right thing and support the environment.”

In short, every little bit helps, and the students of Tansey Elementary School certainly helped to make our environment a better place to live through recycling, reducing and reusing!


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