Olynyk, JN Phillips Host Recycling Event for Chelsea Youth

CHELSEA, Mass. – Over the course of the last three months, students at Berkowitz Elementary School in Chelsea, Mass. tossed out their bad habits and became dedicated to adopting greener ways.

The change of pace was a direct result of accepting what has become an annual challenge from JN Phillips Auto Glass and the Boston Celtics through the GreenShield® Recycling Education program.

The program is a three-part series that focuses on the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle in an effort to teach students how to become good environmental citizens. Along the way, students are rewarded with tickets to Celtics games with transportation to and from the arena and personalized prizes from players.

Since the challenge’s inception, a staggering 512,187 plastic bottles have been recycled by elementary students in Massachusetts. To contextualize, some estimates indicate that you can save enough energy to power a laptop for more than 4,280 years with that amount of recycled plastic.

This past January, students at Berkowitz geared up for the challenge and set out to break program records while doing their part to aid the planet.

Rising to the occasion, the youth recycled 66,020 plastic bottles – an average of 111 bottles per student – in just 10 days.

Next, the school reduced energy output by turning off lights in classrooms, closing doors to keep rooms insulated and powering down electrical devices. The effort saved 1504 KWH during off-peak hours in the month of February, compared to February 2015.

The final contest gave the kids a chance to channel their creativity; students took leftover items from the Celtics’ locker room and reused the materials to make a variety of art projects, including a map of Massachusetts, educational board games and informative videos.

On Thursday, Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk, assistant coach Walter McCarty, mascot Lucky and President of JN Phillips Auto Glass Bob Rosenfield visited Berkowitz to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

Olynyk, Rosenfield and volunteers from JN Phillips started off the morning by unveiling the donation of a Hydroponic Growing Station to the school community. The crew was joined by a select group of students who worked in teams to plant flowers at the station in an effort further educate the youth on how to make a positive environmental imprint.

Following the green-themed activity, the group headed to the gymnasium to assemble with the rest of the school for a pep rally. Here, the youth were treated to a Lucky Dunk Show, Celtics prizing and more!

Most importantly, the students had a chance to hear from two special guests who pride themselves on being good environmental citizens.

For starters, Rosenfield has been the driver behind the JN Phillips Auto Glass GreenShield® practice, which commits to responsibly recycling 100 percent of the windshields they replace. It’s the first large-scale effort by any auto glass company to recycle and reduce the impact of consumer windshields at the end of their product lifespan.

“It is important to know the proper way to conduct yourself for yourself and for others. So today we honor you guys. You are shining examples of doing the right things for other,” stated Rosenfield. “Today, I will leave you with two words: ‘positive influence.’”

Adding to Rosenfield’s remarks, Olynyk then gave some pointers on how to live a balanced lifestyle in order to make a positive influence on the Earth.

“At the end of the day you want to make sure that you had a positive output,” instructed Olynyk. “So maybe you had to do something that hurt the environment, like getting a ride to school, since cars pollute the air. So then you can make up for that in different way, such as planting flowers, shutting off the lights, or recycling each day.

“If we all do more good things than bad, we are going to be able to make this world a better place!”

And so, with one final Lucky dunk for good luck, the youth filed out of the gym with hopes to make even more strides to protect the environment.


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