Celtics, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Host Youth at Franklin Park Zoo

Boston, MA – As the rest of Boston wished for spring to arrive, Boston Celtics rookies Kelly Olynyk and Phil Pressey took to the rain forest at the Franklin Park Zoo to find warmth.

Teaming up once again with Boston-based educational leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), the Boston Celtics hosted a reading event for students from the Henderson Elementary School at the Zoo’s remote Hippo Theatre.

With sounds of the jungle encompassing the room the youth settled in to see what the afternoon had in store.

Joined by Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at HMH Bianca Olson and Celtics mascot Lucky, the two rookies introduced Leslie, the ambitious character from the story If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo.

The students listened as the VIPs took turns reading about the adventures Leslie encounters and the friendships she builds with Zookeepers.

As the story captivated the audience, a few students volunteered to read a few pages aloud. Soon the students discovered the true moral of the story.

“Be careful for what you wish for!” one student exclaimed.

Shaking his head yes, Olynyk explained that is important to be a good friend and help when someone needs assistance.

“But always remember to stay true to yourself.” He reinstated.

As story time finished up a Hyacinth Macaw named Azul entered the room. Students awed in amazement as the vibrant blue bird began to spread its wings to compare wingspans with Pressey.

With exotic birds soaring above, the group ventured out of the theatre through rushing waterfalls and into the jungle-themed exhibit.

First stop was to check out the anteaters, where together Olynyk, Pressey and some brave youth fed the furry creature his dinner.

Next, the group took a timeout at the gorilla cage to admire the size and brilliance of the animals.

As the group split up to take in the sights of the Tropical Forest Pavilion, some courageous students went to visit the slithering snakes, while others went to see the hippo tank.

Finishing up their explorations, the students headed back to the school bus with a new perspective on the magical escape reading can provide.

Interested in discovering more of the stories HMH publishes, please visit https://www.hmhco.com/popular-reading.


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