MassMutual FutureSmart Challege

Program Overview

Stay in School

MassMutual FutureSmart Challenge events are arranged in conjunction with the Boston Celtics and other select NBA teams where in interactive seminars, students learn the importance of savings, career choices, staying in school and going to college, and how each has a profound impact on their future financial success.

The program extends a long-time collaboration with Junior Achievement to provide additional financial education in the classroom. To date, the FutureSmart Challenge has educated more than 40,000 students visiting seventeen major cities.

Program Video

Hill Harper Host the MassMutual FutureSmart Challenge at the TD Garden

MassMutual FutureSmart Challege

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MassMutual FutureSmart Challenge at the TD Garden

Hill Harper host the MassMutual FutureSmart Challenge seminar for over 2,000 middle school students.
Jun 1, 2018  |  02:10

Hill Harper host MassMutual FutureSmart Challenge

Student from the Greater Boston area attend the MassMutual FutureSmart Challenge hosted by Hill Harper.
Jun 1, 2018  |  01:42

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