January 2018

The Heroes Among Us award is a program of the Boston Celtics, presented by the Mass State Lottery.

Heroes Among Us

January 31, 2018

Shawn Bronson and Mike Payne

Comcast technicians Shawn Bronson and Mike Payne assumed it would be a regular work day as they made their rounds on a bitter cold Thursday in late December.

As the duo drove down Main Street in Monson, they were shocked to see a 2-year old girl, alone and wearing only a diaper, run barefoot onto the street.  After she slipped and fell, cutting her leg, the two men jumped out of the truck.  With her skin turning purple and as she was heading into oncoming traffic, the men approached her carefully, scooped her up, wrapped her in a warm jacket and brought her to safety!

For their quick-thinking actions, please join us in honoring Shawn Bronson and Mike Payne as Heroes Among Us!

Heroes Among Us

January 21, 2018

Devin Theriault

Salem native Devin Theriault performed two life-saving heroics in a matter of 24 hours last week.

On Monday, while driving his work truck down the street, Devin was flagged down by a kid waving his arms frantically.  After hopping out of his truck, he saw a young boy choking and beginning to turn purple.  Devin quickly performed the Heimlich Maneuver, successfully dislodging a piece of cake from the boy’s airway, allowing for a full recovery.  A day later, also while on the job, Devin witnessed a car crash into a street sign.  The vehicle burst into flames and Devin grabbed his fire extinguisher, rushed to the scene and sprayed the fire until it was out!

For saving multiple lives, please join us in honoring Devin Theriault as a Hero Among Us!

Heroes Among Us

January 18, 2018

Coryn Bina

Newton native Coryn Bina is a problem solver, always has been and always will be.

Around the same time her 4-year old son began horseback riding lessons she observed a little girl with autism and her family struggling to deal with the daily stress that comes with living life with a disability.  Desperately wanting to help, she went home that night and created what would become Bina Farm, a Lexington-based therapeutic horseback riding facility.  Today, the organization incredibly serves over 200 veterans, domestic violence survivors and kids with disabilities and chronic illnesses every week!

For her commitment to helping people overcome obstacles, please join us in honoring Coryn Bino as a Hero Among Us!

Heroes Among Us

January 16, 2018

Noah McKenna

After graduating college and landing a full-time job, Jamaica Plain native Noah McKenna still felt like something was missing in his life.

Noah decided to sign up to be a mentor with a local organization, Partners for Youth with Disabilities.  He was matched with an energetic 10-year old named Tavis and their relationship quickly grew into a unique bond. 9 years later, whether cheering for the Celtics here at the Garden, cooking, gardening or attending social justice rallies together, Noah and Tavis have become family through the power of mentoring.

As part of Mentoring Night, and for his commitment to Tavis and the mentoring movement, please join us in honoring Noah McKenna and his mentee Tavis as a Hero Among Us!

Heroes Among Us

January 5, 2018

Roger Desjardins

Last January, with his now late mother battling cancer, Andover native Roger Desjardins decided he would use his passion for running to help find a cure for the disease that has impacted us all.

Partnering with a local organization called Voices of Hope, Roger began asking his colleagues, friends and family if they would sponsor him for every mile he ran in 2017.  As donation commitments rolled in, Roger headed out for his runs, day after day no matter the weather.  In November, Roger incredibly completed his 1,000th mile and has raised over $15,000 for cancer care and research.

For his commitment to helping those battling cancer, please join us in honoring Roger Desjardins as a Hero Among Us!

Heroes Among Us

January 3, 2018

John “JJ” Jones

When Cambridge Police Officer John “JJ” Jones joined the Community Services Unit in 2008, he got right to work brainstorming ways to keep juvenile offenders out of trouble.

Having no formal boxing training, but knowing it could be a life-changing hook for at-risk kids, he opened up free boxing classes at the Cambridge YMCA and started to study the sport.  Attendance grew and kids started coming from all over the area to train with JJ.  Today, the boxing club runs free classes 2 days a week and works with over 650 kids annually.

For his commitment to kids in Cambridge and beyond, please join us in honoring JJ Jones as a Hero Among Us!