The Heroes Among Us award is a program of the Boston Celtics, presented by the Mass State Lottery.

Heroes Among Us

November 30, 2014 - James Foley

A native of New Hampshire and life-long Celtics fan, journalist James Foley dedicated his life to reporting the stories of people suffering around the world.

James spent over four years reporting from conflict zones before he was taken captive in November of 2012. Tragically, this past August, James lost his life as he worked to share the hardships of others with the world.

For his courageous efforts to stand up for those in need, please join us in celebrating the life of James Foley, a true hero.

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Heroes Among Us

November 28, 2014 - Tony Richards

A Dorchester native, Tony Richards knows how important basketball is to kids growing up in Boston.

Every Saturday for the past quarter century, Tony has run the “No Books No Ball” Basketball League which provides academic support and a safe environment to student athletes throughout Massachusetts.

The program partners with The 3Point Foundation and has helped its students achieve Division 1 scholarships in academics and athletics. To date, the initiative has worked with over 5,000 kids across the state.

For using basketball to improve the academic performance and safety of kids growing up in Massachusetts, please join us in celebrating Tony Richards as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

November 23, 2014 - Jonny Zackman

When high school senior Jonny Zackman volunteered to lifeguard at the Head of the Charles last month he never thought he would help save a man’s life.

While on duty, Jonny witnessed a man stop rowing and lose his oar into the river. Realizing that something was wrong, Jonny and his team quickly responded to find a man suffering from a heart attack. Utilizing his training, Jonny began administering CPR while his team got the boat safely to shore. The man has since made a full recovery.

For his quick thinking and lifesaving actions, please join us in celebrating Jonny Zackman as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

November 17, 2014 - Jermaine Woods

A 23 year veteran of the Providence Fire Department, Jermaine Woods never thought his greatest rescue would happen off duty.

Last November, Jermaine heard a loud explosion while attending a family barbecue and as he ran outside, witnessed a nearby home engulfed in flames. Without a moment’s hesitation, Jermaine rushed inside the home to find a man, woman and child stranded and covered in burns. With the fire escalating and the roof moments away from collapsing, Jermaine wrapped the child in his sweatshirt and escorted the family to safety!

For his life-saving actions in the face of danger, please join us in celebrating Jermaine Woods as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

November 14, 2014 - Michael Kennedy

Firefighter Michael Kennedy dedicated his life to protecting our community.

On March 26th 2014, Michael was one of the first firefighters on the scene as flames poured out of a home in Boston’s Back Bay. Tragically, Michael lost his life as he ran into the burning building, saving the lives of others.

For his bravery and loyalty to the city of Boston, please join us in celebrating the life of Michael Kennedy, a true hero.

Please visit for more information on how you can help local firefighters stay safe while they protect the community.

Heroes Among Us

November 12, 2014 - Geralde Gabeau

Geralde Gabeau knows the impact that music can have on a young person’s life.

While working at Boston Medical Center, Geralde witnessed the suffering of children in families affected by HIV and started a small music program to provide these kids a means for self-expression. Today that program partners with Berklee City Music Network and serves over 500 kids as part of Youth and Family Enrichment Services, an organization dedicated to supporting Boston’s Haitian community. Incredibly, when Haiti’s 2010 earthquake left hundreds of children displaced in Boston, Geralde increased support and welcomed them all into her programs.

For using music as a tool to address the needs of her community, please join us in celebrating Geralde Gabeau as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

November 7, 2014 - BJ Williams

At the age of 21, BJ Williams’ promising hockey career was cut short after suffering a brain injury in a car crash.

Inspired by the story of local legends and former Heroes Among Us Dick and Rick Hoyt, BJ wanted to use marathons and triathlons to raise money and awareness for brain injuries. In 2010, he ran 98 miles in less than 24 hours, across the state from Long Meadow to Boston. Since then he has competed in two ironman triathlons and a 64 mile run from New York to Massachusetts. BJ hosted his seventh annual road race last summer and will run in the Boston Marathon next spring.

For using endurance challenges to bring awareness to brain injuries please join us in celebrating BJ Williams as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

November 5, 2014 - Mike Ferullo

Licensed therapist Mike Ferullo has seen firsthand how hard it can be to help someone recovering from addiction.

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, you will find Mike running in Franklin Park with men battling drug and alcohol addiction. An avid runner and volunteer at the Pine Street Inn, Mike founded the Bulldog Running club to show men going through recovery how running can reduce their urge to use. Since it was established eight years ago, the Bulldog Running Club has aided over 600 men through their treatment.

For using his love of running to help others recover from addiction, please join us in celebrating Mike Ferullo as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

October 29, 2014 - Isaiah Austin

Isaiah Austin knows what it takes to win on and off the court.

A projected first round pick, Isaiah was only days away from the NBA draft when he was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, ending his basketball career. In response, Isaiah has become a spokesperson for The Marfan Foundation, working to increase awareness especially among young athletes. Isaiah received a ceremonial pick at the 2014 NBA draft and now works with the league’s NBA cares program while finishing his degree from Baylor University.

Fearless and hardworking, Isaiah has overcome many obstacles throughout his life. In addition to his diagnosis with Marfan syndrome, Isaiah lost sight in one eye as a child. His strength and resilience embody everything that it means to be a Celtic. The Celtics are proud to name Isaiah an honorary Celtic-for-life.

For using his diagnosis with Marfan Syndrome to positively impact the lives of others, please join us in celebrating Isaiah Austin as a Hero Among Us.


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