BCSF 50/50 Raffle


Volunteers getting ready to start their 50/50 Raffle shift.

About 50/50 Raffle

The 50/50 Raffle launched in March 2012 and has raised over $400,000 to benefit the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation (BCSF) and our community partners. Not only is the program an engaging fundraising platform that helps BCSF increase our impact in the community, but it also serves as a fun volunteer initiative for our fans, partners, and local organizations.

  • Corporate Volunteerism: The 50/50 Raffle provides a fun and engaging corporate volunteer initiative. It is a great way for corporations to engage employees in community service while also providing a unique team building opportunity within the excitement of the TD Garden.
  • Individual Volunteers: Whether you are a college student looking for community service hours, a family interested in a group activity, or an individual interested in volunteering, the 50/50 Raffle program is an exciting way to help raise money for very worthy causes in our community.

Volunteer Information:

  • The 50/50 Raffle volunteer shift is about 4 hours long.
  • Volunteers arrive 2 hours before tip-off at the TD Garden Security Entrance on Legends Way past the East Gate Entrance of the TD Garden.
  • Volunteers check-in at the Security Entrance and are then escorted up to level 4 to receive a full overview of the program and responsibilities for the night.
  • Volunteers sell tickets at a table or from a mobile device.
  • One hour before tip-off, gates open and sales begin! Sales end at the end of halftime.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Feel free to show off your Celtics Pride!
  • Food is not provided – you may bring a snack or purchase food on the concourses. There is water available for all volunteers.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee a safe area for personal items. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

50/50 Winners

Here you can find a list of the winning 50/50 raffle tickets from previous Celtics games. Check back to see if you've won!

DateOpponentWinning #
10/2/17Charlotte HornetsA-211562
10/9/17Philadelphia 76ersA-296541
10/18/17Milwaukee BucksA-323793
10/24/17New York KnicksA-261788
10/30/17San Antonio SpursA-132896
11/01/17Sacramento KingsA-138781
11/08/17Los Angeles LakersA-107810
11/10/17Charlotte HornetsA-404766
11/12/17Toronto RaptorsA-114676
11/16/17Golden State WarriorsA-218183
11/24/17Orlando MagicA-150509
11/27/17Detroit PistonsA-454056
11/30/17Philadelphia 76ersA-326712
12/02/17Phoenix SunsA-126704
12/04/17Milwaukee BucksA-571400
12/06/17Dallas MavericksA-474366
12/13/17Denver NuggetsA-392290
12/15/17Utah JazzA-324010
12/20/17Miami HeatA-285831
12/23/17Chicago BullsA-358315
12/25/17Washington WizardsA-248526
12/28/17Houston RocketsA-121173
12/31/17Brooklyn NetsA-412145
01/03/18Cleveland CavaliersA-261625
01/05/18Minnesota TimberwolvesA-512314
01/16/18New Orleans PelicansA-525022
01/18/18Philadelphia 76ersA-125778
01/21/18Orlando MagicA-505470
01/31/18New York KnicksA-224077
02/02/18Atlanta HawksA-186341
02/04/18Portland Trail BlazersA-556243
02/09/18Indiana PacersA-172885
02/11/18Cleveland CavaliersA-278553
02/14/18LA ClippersA-595875
02/26/18Memphis GrizzliesA-452681
02/28/18Charlotte HornetsA-291585
03/11/18Indiana PacersA-397919
03/14/18Washington WizardsA-104545
03/20/18Oklahoma City ThunderA-265981
03/31/18Toronto RaptorsA-119623
04/06/18Chicago BullsA-343258
04/08/18Atlanta HawksA-481102
04/11/18Brooklyn NetsA-425399
04/15/18Milwaukee BucksA-258046
04/17/18Milwaukee BucksA-452265
04/24/18Milwaukee BucksA-350926
04/28/18Milwaukee BucksA-474158
04/30/18Philadelphia 76ersA-119166
05/03/18Philadelphia 76ersA-358237
05/09/18Philadelphia 76ersA-292898
05/13/18Cleveland CavaliersA-518678
05/15/18Cleveland CavaliersA-454281
05/23/18Cleveland CavaliersA-496756
05/27/18Cleveland CavaliersA-421000

For more information and to claim a winning number, please contact 5050raffle@celtics.com.