Local Kids Learn How to Eat Like the Pros

As any athlete will attest to, there’s more to staying in shape than just exercising. One of the key ingredients to living a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a healthy diet. On Thursday, one group of local children had the opportunity to learn that firsthand ... and from a professional chef no less!

As part of the Cavaliers “Fit as a Pro” program, presented by Medical Mutual and in association with Giant Eagle, the fifth grade class from Cleveland’s Anton Grdina Elementary School spent Thursday afternoon at Cleveland Clinic Courts learning about healthy snack options. The kids were split into four “Nutrition Teams” that were challenged to figure out the correct nutritional information for some everyday snacks. Each group was led by a member of the Scream Team and Cavalier Girls who were also able to share tips with the kids on how to choose healthy snack alternatives.

After going through the nutrition challenge, the students were joined by the Cavs head chef, Chef Terry Bell, who explained the ins and outs of the food labels. Chef Bell then invited the kids back to the kitchen, where they were able to enjoy the healthy snacks they just learned about.


Presented by Medical Mutuaal and in association with Giant Eagle

Fit As A Pro is year-round campaign designed to encourage physical fitness and well-balanced nutrition among elementary and middle school students in Northeast Ohio. The program reaches thousands of students in Northeast Ohio through fitness challenges, nutrition education and information on how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.