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Cavs at Pacers
Ron Hoskins/NBAE/GettyImages

Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Pacers

November 2, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown


“I thought tonight it would be interesting for me to go back and watch the tape. As crazy as this sounds, I thought tonight was our best offensive night from the stand point that the ball moved and bodies moved. I did not see the ball. There was a stretch in the third quarter where I thought we dribbled and maybe made one pass and shot or dribbled and made one pass and turned the ball over in the third quarter. But other than that stretch in that third quarter for the most part, just watching the game I thought we tried to play with some flow. I thought we tried to move the basketball. We had weak side shots open. We had more of those today than any other time, whether it’s Brooklyn or Charlotte, even in preseason, they just didn’t go down. The ball movement and body movement. We have to continue to have and hopefully the shots will go down. Having said that, you have to give the Pacers credit. They’re a playoff team. They’re an Eastern Conference finals team. Every time we made a mistake they made us pay for it.”

Kyrie Irving


“(On the Pacers’ defense) They’re one of those teams that have mastered the rule of verticality. They have two big forces down there. They contested a lot. That’s what makes the Pacers a good ball club. (On the Cavaliers’ defensive effort) We just had a few too many of ‘my bads’ or ‘my faults’. That kind of adds up during the course of a game and we can’t have that, especially against a good team like the Pacers. We just can’t have those defensive breakdowns going into the fourth quarter. We want to be with teams or ahead of them through our defense.”

Dion Waiters


“They made a run and we made a run. They made shots. They got to the foul line and we didn’t. (On the Pacers’ defense) They have Big Roy (Hibbert) and David West down there. Going in there you have to change your game a little bit. From driving, you have to take those one dribble pull ups and things like that. (On Cavaliers offense) We moved the ball and we had open looks. It just didn’t fall, shots that we normally make. There are going to be nights like this that you have to play hard on the defensive end and get stops.”


“A solid W for our guys. Kudos to C.J. (Watson) and Donald Sloan for stepping up for George Hill. Paul George and Lance Stephenson are guys who really drove the ship tonight. Lance has been our most efficient offensive player this year. He has taken a giant step. I want to see him keep it going. It’s in his DNA to be aggressive. I don’t have to tell him. I’m happy with the defense. We’re off to a strong start. We have to keep it going. These guys when the games on the line, they tighten the screws. I’m happy with the way they handled their business tonight. We certainly have to cut down our turnovers.”


“(On his start tonight) I wanted to make a difference and fill a void. We did a good job on defense forcing their guards and doubling on Ty (Tyler Zeller). We tried to front Kyrie and slow him down with our transition defense. We’re still learning. We’re looking forward to getting better as we get to know each other better. (On Indianapolis) I think it’s going to be a good city to play in, in front of good fans.”

David West

“Very solid effort. We came out strong with good defense. We were being aggressive and playing well. We didn’t relax and let them back in. We cannot afford to sit back and watch this start. (On Lance Stephenson) He’s being aggressive and playing well and looking for a bigger role.”

Paul George

“We came out with a good solid defensive job. Our guards were boxing out, making it easier for our bigger guys. We are still learning. We must still improve.”

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