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Daily News - May 26, 2019

Latest News on the Wine & Gold
David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

**NOTE: The news clips and articles listed don't necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the Cleveland Cavaliers or their Basketball Operations staff, partners, or sponsors.**

Rebuilding the Cavaliers, Part 4: The coach, the cupboard and the P-word. . . is it enough?
Author: Terry Pluto

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cavaliers have an aggressive and wealthy owner in billionaire Dan Gilbert.

They have a strong fan base that didn’t abandon the team the first time LeBron James left Cleveland.

They have two first round picks in the 2019 draft — the 5th and 26th.

They have All-Star Kevin Love, solid veteran Larry Nance Jr. and promising rookie Collin Sexton signed to long-term contracts.

They took a fascinating risk by hiring John Beilein, who has coached at every level from high school junior varsity to the Big Ten. He’s taken four different Division I teams to the NCAA Tournament. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Mock draft has Cavaliers picking North Carolina guard Coby White
Author: Jeff Schudel
Publication: News-Herald

The Cavaliers have the fifth pick in the NBA draft on June 20. has them selecting 19-year-old guard Coby White from North Carolina. White is a shooting guard and point guard, but according to the website is a scorer first.

“Lighting quick 6’5’’, 185-pound combo guard,” the scouting report says. “Aggressive scoring mentality but also unselfish passer of the ball… Shifty player with an excellent first step that allows him to blow by defenders … Versatile scorer. Can score anywhere on the floor, either getting his own shot off the dribble or catch and shoot situations ... Has a quick and accurate release … Adjusts his body midair on challenging layups … Great job at creating space for his shot … Can score from all three levels … Gets defenders off balance because of his quick stop/start ability … can get his shot off against top perimeter defenders.

“His quickness can be both a blessing and a curse … More effective as a scorer than a playmaker ... Needs to improve as a decision maker and passer … Good athlete but does not have a physical frame that stands out … Can improve overall as a playmaker ... Can get out of control… Must cut down on turnovers with 2.7 per game in his freshman season.” - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cavaliers have draft eyes for Texas Tech standout Culver
Author: Sam Amico
Publication: Amico Hoops

If the Cavaliers had landed the No. 2 overall draft pick, they may have settled on Texas Tech shooting guard Jarrett Culver — even over the likes of Ja Morant and R.J. Barrett.

That is how much the Cavs are said to like Culver. It’s hard to know if any of this is true or just a gigantic smokescreen (Culver is about the third draft prospect the Cavs are said to really, really want.)

But for the sake of argument, let’s say Culver is indeed the Cavaliers’ man. Let’s say the New Orleans Pelicans take Zion Williamson at No. 1, the Memphis Grizzlies go with Moran at No. 2, and the Knicks take Barrett after that.

In that scenario, all that stands between the Cavs and Culver is … drumroll, please … LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

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