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Finals loss adds fuel to the fire for Larry Nance Jr.
Author: Michael Beaven
Publication: Canton Repository

CLEVELAND Cavaliers forward Larry Nance Jr. sat in his locker in the home locker room at Quicken Loans Arena on Friday night and reflected on what was an eventful 2017-2018 season.

Year three in the NBA for Nance started with a Los Angeles Lakers team that is rebuilding, and ended with a win-now Cavs team that lost to the Golden State Warriors in four games in the NBA Finals.

Nance got valuable experience playing in an NBA Finals.

He will enter the 2018-2019 season wanting to contribute even more. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

LeBron James and Urban Meyer understand facing down dynasties
Author: Doug Lesmerises
Publication: Cleveland.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- LeBron James described it as a mutual respect a few years ago before the Cavaliers played an exhibition game in Columbus, explaining his relationship with Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer.

"We have some of the same goals in mind as well," James said in 2016.

One of those goals, obviously, is winning championships. Just as obviously, James and Meyer face the same obstacle.


The closest thing in sports to the NBA dominance of the Golden State Warriors is the college football dominance of Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide. (As proof, for some reason ESPN's Marty Smith got Saban on a basketball court for the next episode of his show.) - CLICK HERE to read full story.

What can the Cavaliers do to get CJ McCollum? ‘Hey, Joe!’
Author: Joe Vardon
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- So, I told you in April that my weekly 'Hey, Joe!' Cavs column was done for the playoffs.

You didn't listen, and I love you for it.

With only a few exceptions, if you emailed me here or tweeted me with the hashtag #heyjoecavs since the playoffs started in mid-April, your answer is below. I thought it would be cool to see what was on your mind then, and apply the answers to what transpired through the Cavs' run to the Finals.

And, um, sorry for the delay, Adrian from Vancouver. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

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