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Cleveland Cavaliers: The wild day that stopped the doom and gloom
Author: Bill Livingston
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio - In the movie "Dr. Strangelove" an Air Force B-52 pilot, played by actor Slim Pickens, upon receiving the code authorizing a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, drawls his disbelief.

"Well, I've been to one World Fair, a picnic and a rodeo and that's the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones," he says.

Well, I've been to one World Fair, even if it was only in Knoxville, Tenn., a picnic and a rodeo, and I covered an NBA game in which three players played for both teams, and last Thursday, the NBA trade deadline, might still have been the craziest day ever. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cavaliers 'exceeded expectations' as LeBron James remembers leadership role
Author: Joe Vardon
Publication: Cleveland.com

Exceeding expectations, Tyronn Lue said he thought the Cavaliers, with their new players, would be pretty good.


“They exceeded my expectations,” Lue said.

For context, in Cleveland’s first game together since last Thursday’s trade-a-thon, the Cavs ran the Celtics off their own court, 121-99. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James delivering on promise, looking recharged following recent trades
Author: Chris Fedor
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Nearly two weeks ago, after LeBron James spent eight minutes trying to squash an untimely story about maybe taking a summertime meeting with the Golden State Warriors, he was asked about his abnormal dip in production during a shockingly bad January for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"I'll be all right," James said at the time. "I'm used to it. It's the same with the Warriors story. It's the life I live in. But it's fine. I'll be all right. I'll give you better numbers. I promise you."

The two games after weren't his best, a pair of franchise-altering embarrassments. But James has finally delivered on that promise, regaining his MVP form during the Cavaliers' current four-game winning streak. - CLICK HERE to read full story.

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