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February 1 - News Around the League

On February 1 throughout history, the U.S. Supreme Court convened for the first time, Abraham Lincoln signed the Thirteenth Amendment, the first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published, the hilarious Canadian Mounties were born, the Greensboro sit-ins were staged, Roman Polanski skipped bail and Patty Hearst was released from jail.

And if all that wasn’t enough, on this date in 2004 – during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII – Justin Timberlake assisted Janet Jackson with a “wardrobe malfunction,” exposing Daniel Gibson’s nickname and signaling the total collapse of moral integrity in American culture.

The incident resulted in countless financial repercussions. Viacom paid out $3.5 million to settle outstanding complaints and the FCC fined CBS a record $550,000 for an indecency violation. And in Farmington, Utah, a $5,000 small-claims lawsuit was filed by an attorney named Eric Stephenson who, as a father of three, claimed that pre-game advertising led him to believe that the halftime show would “consist of marching bands, balloons, and a patriotic celebration.”