Larger Than Life: The LeBron James Wall

After practice on Thursday afternoon, LeBron James walked with Larry Hughes over towards the window outside the practice court that faces west and said, “Check out this little picture of me on this building.”

That “little picture” is the new 110-feet tall by 212-foot wide “We Are All Witnesses” wall that adorns the eastern face of the Sherwin Williams building on the corner of West Huron Road and Ontario Street. If you thought the Chosen One was bigger than life before, you should check out his visage stretched across 23,552 feet of mesh.

Statement from Nike
“The ‘We are Witnesses’ wall is a statement for all Cavaliers’ fans to watch the growth, development and legacy of LeBron James through his play on the court and outreach activities in the Greater Cleveland-Akron community.” What game did the image come from?