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CavsTV Top Plays of December 2015

From clutch buckets to dazzling dunks, CavsTV has your best moments from the month of December.

Rookie Tales, Joe Harris - May 18, 2015

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CavsTV Top Plays of December 2015

From clutch buckets to dazzling dunks, CavsTV has your best moments from the month of December.
Jan 1, 2016  |  03:11

Cavs Serenade You for the Holidays

Get in the spirit as the Wine and Gold serenade you for the holidays.
Dec 24, 2015  |  00:59

Wine and Glow Member Event - December 7, 2015

Check out some of the highlights from the Wine and Gold member event held at The Q on Monday, December 7.
Dec 7, 2015  |  04:27

Season of Giving at Cleveland Clinic Children's - December 2, 2015

All 15 Cavs players and head coach David Blatt visited patients at Cleveland Clinic Children’s as part of the team’s annual holiday visit to the hospital.
Dec 4, 2015  |  02:56

Special Thanksgiving Message from the Cavs

The Wine and Gold are thankful for the best fans in the NBA and would like to wish YOU a Happy Thanksgiving.
Nov 26, 2015  |  00:29

Behind-the-Scenes at the Making of Cavs Train

CavsTV goes behind-the-scenes at the Cavs Train video open shoot.
Nov 20, 2015  |  01:22

CavsTV Recaps Big Shots and Little Stars Fundraiser - November 11, 2015

The Q transformed into Motown on November 11th, as the Cavs and Flashes of Hope welcomed 1,000 guests for the 2015 'Big Shots and Little Stars' fundraiser.
Nov 12, 2015  |  02:51

The Name Drop (Cavs Anthem) - By Iman Shumpert

"The Name Drop (Cavs Anthem)" - Iman Shumpert / Produced by: MJ the DJ, Instagram: @mjthedj / @FoxSportsOH
Nov 5, 2015  |  01:25

2015-16 Cavaliers Intro Video

Check out the new Cavaliers intro video for the 2015-16 season.
Oct 30, 2015  |  01:11

CavsTV Top Plays from the 2015 Preseason

From dunks to dimes, check out some of the best highlights from the 2015 preseason.
Oct 20, 2015  |  01:21

Cavs Columbus Clinic - October 11, 2015

The Cavs were in Columbus on Sunday, October 11th to host local students for a private basketball clinic.
Oct 11, 2015  |  00:59

Highlights: 2015 Wine and Gold Scrimmage

Check out some of the best highlights from the 2015 Wine and Gold Scrimmage played at Quicken Loans Arena on Monday, October 5th.
Oct 5, 2015  |  01:10

Real Training Camp Week -- All Access: 2015 Cleveland Cavaliers

Here's an all-access look at the defending Eastern Conference champion Cavaliers who were hard at work during Real Training Camp week on NBATV and
Oct 3, 2015  |  01:47

Interrupted with Joe Harris

You've seen Uninterrupted with LeBron James, but have you seen Interrupted with Joe Harris?
Oct 1, 2015  |  00:35

CavsTV Recaps the 30th Annual CYF Golf Classic

CavsTV recaps the 30th Annual CYF Golf Classic with current and former Cavs players.
Sep 23, 2015  |  03:39

2015 CYF Golf Classic: Joe Harris

Cavaliers guard Joe Harris spoke with CavsTV at the 30th Cavaliers Youth Fund Golf Classic at Firestone Country Club.
Sep 21, 2015  |  03:28

CavsTV Top Defensive Plays Nominee: Defensive Stand in Boston

The Cavs suffocate Rajon Rando and come up with a big defensive stand to win on the road in Boston.
Sep 8, 2015  |  00:12

2015 Cavaliers Summer League Highlights

Check out some of the best highlights from the Cavs summer session in Las Vegas.
Jul 22, 2015  |  02:50

Postgame: Joe Harris - July 13

Cavaliers guard Joe Harris spoke with the media following Monday's Summer League victory.
Jul 13, 2015  |  02:57

Cavaliers vs Bucks - July 13

D.J. Seeley scored 14 points as the Cavaliers defeated the Bucks in overtime, 94-87.
Jul 13, 2015  |  01:20

CavsTV 1-on-1 w/ Bret Brielmaier

CavsTV caught up with Summer League Head Coach Bret Brielmaier following practice in Las Vegas.
Jul 10, 2015  |  03:18

Cavs Special Message To Fans

The Wine and Gold would like to thank the best fans in the NBA for all of their passion and support throughout the 2014-15 season.
Jun 17, 2015  |  01:10

Cavs Road to Game 4 of the NBA Finals

Watch a breakdown of how the Wine and Gold made their way through the 2015 Playoffs.
Jun 11, 2015  |  01:19

NBA Cares Learn and Play Center - June 10

The Cavs and NBA joined forces on June 10 to unveil the brand new NBA Cares Learn & Play Center at the Club.
Jun 10, 2015  |  01:11

CavsTV Top Plays from the Eastern Conference Finals

Check out some of the best highlights from the Cavs' East Finals sweep of the Atlanta Hawks. “The Offs” by Iman Shumpert, Produced by: @Devonmack
May 29, 2015  |  01:17

Slow-Mo Recap: Game 4 vs. Atlanta - May 26

CavsTV relives Tuesday's Game 4 series-clinching victory in the Eastern Conference Finals through the lens of a slow-mo camera.
May 27, 2015  |  02:22

Top Plays From Round 2 vs. Chicago

Check out some of the best highlights from the Cavs' Second Round victory over the Chicag Bulls. “The Offs” by Iman Shumpert, Produced by: @Devonmack
May 16, 2015  |  01:31

“The Offs” Iman Shumpert Produced by: @Devonmack

“The Offs” Iman Shumpert Produced by: @Devonmack
Apr 23, 2015  |  01:20

CavsTV Top Plays of 2014-15

Relive the 2014-15 regular season with some of the best Wine and Gold highlights.
Apr 17, 2015  |  03:09

Special Message to Cavs Fans

The Wine and Gold would like to personally thank the best fans in the NBA!
Apr 16, 2015  |  00:52

Rookie Tales ... with Joe Harris

Joe Harris
David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images
by Joe Gabriele Beat Writer

Normally, the focus of “Rookie Tales” is from one of the Wine and Gold’s sage veterans – looking back on their freshman season in the league. But today, we’re talking to the Cavaliers’ lone rookie – whose rigorous first-year journey is still (hopefully) far from over.

Harris, taken with the 33rd pick of the 2014 Draft out of Virginia nearly one year ago, played sparingly in the second half of the season as the veteran squad distinguished itself down the stretch. He had some nice moments – including a 16-point effort against Philly in his lone start of the season and a 13-point night one week earlier, against the team his squad will face in the Eastern Conference Finals starting Wednesday.

"Everybody’s always asking me: ‘What’s it like playing with LeBron?’"

Joe Harris - Cavaliers Guard

With the Cavaliers needing eight more wins to win the World Championship, we hate to say that this is where the older guys take over, but this is the part of the season where the older guys take over. Joe Harris understands his role completely. He’ll be ready if his number happens to be called and he’ll be ready to be part of the rotation when Training Camp tips off in a few short months.

In the meantime, Joe Harris – who spent his first season learning from the game’s greatest player while his squad plumbs the deepest depths of the playoffs – is content in the role of apprentice and scout team player and coffee-and-donut-getter – and whatever else a first-year player’s job might entail. And he sat down to talk with about it in today’s installment of Rookie Tales ...

Was it tough making the transition going from a four-year guy at Virginia to the lone rookie on a veteran NBA team?

Joe Harris: It is tough. It’s human nature, you want to play and do well and be a part of it – and feel like you contributed in that way.

But with the type of leaders that we have on this team, they’re all really good about letting everybody know that it takes all 15 of us, everybody has a particular role on this team. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing 10 minutes a night, 20 minutes, 30 minutes a night – everybody’s doing their part in helping the team win and get ready to go – whether it’s preparation-work, scout team stuff, everybody’s doing their part.

Mike Miller once said that landing in the right spot as a rookie can add years to your career. Can you see where that’s the case?

Harris: Well, there’s a lot of guys that get in the NBA in their rookie season and they’re not as fortunate as I am to be on a championship-caliber team – with a winning culture, good leadership. So I’m kind of seeing that whole side of the NBA, which I think a lot of guys don’t experience until the later part of their career.

Not to knock anything with other teams, but you’re just not getting the same experience. You’re getting the opportunity to play, but for some of those guys, they’ll never get to experience what I’m getting in my first year. I consider myself fortunate to be in the position that I’m in.

Some rookies build bad habits and it’s not until year three, four, five that they get to be part of a winning-type organization and culture. Those are the guys that are able to stick around the longest; to have some longevity in the league are part of winning teams and winning organizations.

Is everyone always asking you: ‘What’s it like playing with LeBron?’

Harris: Everybody’s always asking me: ‘What’s it like playing with LeBron?’

It’s really hard to describe. I’m pretty fortunate that I got him my first year. He’s an awesome guy, a great leader. You’re witnessing such greatness all the time and you try not to take it for granted because you see it so often, in practice or wherever.

But he’s just one of the guys. And he’s a really great teammate, always taking care of everybody. He’s also probably the hardest worker on our team, too. There’s usually one guy that’s in the weight room before everybody or working out before anyone’s even here – and that’s him. He’s constantly putting in work, taking care of his body, all the stuff that people don’t see behind the scenes.

That sets the tone for the rest of the team; especially the young guys like myself and Delly, but even Tristan and Kyrie.

As far as veteran influence, it seems like Delly really took you under his wing this year.

Harris: Delly always does the workouts with me.

Typically, if you’re on a team with two or three rookies, you’re constantly doing all the workout stuff together. It’s kind of a trend among NBA teams. You know, if you were to go out at the 90-minute mark before games, the rookies are always out there working out, getting their work in. It doesn’t matter if you’re Andrew Wiggins or me or an undrafted guy – the rookies are always out there working out beforehand.

And Delly, even though he plays quite a bit, he still comes in and does all the rookie workouts with me all the time. And we live in the same building downtown, so I see him quite a bit. He’s just a really good guy. And he’s just been cool with me since I’ve been here.

What lesson has he – and the other veterans – impressed on you?

Harris: That you never know when you’re opportunity’s gonna come.

One of the big things I’ve learned is from Delly. He’s constantly working; it doesn’t matter if he goes 0-for-10, 10-for-10, has a game like he had last Thursday – he’s always in the gym working.

Today he was in early, getting shots up. It just doesn’t change for him. And a lot of the guys have the same approach. They’re constantly ready. And that’s what they’re always tell me: You just never know when your opportunity might come, and you have to be ready for when it does.

What other lessons have you learned from the vets?

Harris: Well, one I took to heart at the very beginning of the year was when Mike Miller and James Jones told me: it’s better to keep your mouth shut than get your ass whupped. (laughs) So I’ve kinda been riding that motto all season long.

I do my part, I know what my role is on the team. I basically speak when spoken to. And I try to hold back from any smartass comments or wisecracks because I’m not trying to get myself in trouble.

Do they ever lay it on too thick?

Harris: Yeah, there are times when you’re just like: ‘Man, come on!’

But it’s all part of it and most of them, too, my rookie stuff isn’t close to some of the rookie horror stories that you hear from these guys. So I have it pretty easy compared to some of the veteran guys.

Even though you’re past the regular season, do you still have to carry the pink backpack?

Harris: Yeah, I still carry the “Frozen” backpack around on every road trip.

And then I get coffees every day on the road and I get coffee every shootaround for road games. I get the donuts – Jack Frost donuts, actually, before every shootaround at home. And then just the little stuff: I rebound for the guys before the game starts and I don’t really get many shots up. I’m making sure everybody gets warmed up and ready to go. I get the towels for everybody, whether it’s after shootaround or after practice. I just go in and get the towels and set them on the guys’ chairs.

And then, if they just want me to go run an errand for them when we’re on the road, then I’ll go ahead and do that. But with that one, they’re pretty good about taking care of me and making sure I get compensated.

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