Westfield Trivia: Quarter Season Check-In

A quarter of the season has come and gone and December is nearly here. How well have you been following the Wine & Gold over the first 21 games of the 2022-23 campaign? Test your knowledge here! (Answers are listed at the bottom)

1) This Cavaliers have gone with 10 different starting units already this year. Which one is 4-0? 

Mitchell, Mobley, Allen, Garland, LeVert

Mobley, Stevens, Allen, Garland, Mitchell

Mobley, Wade, Allen, Garland, Mitchell

Wade, Mobley, Allen, LeVert, Okoro

2) Among Cavaliers with at least 50 attempts and at .426 from long-range this year, who is the squad’s leading three-point shooter?

Donovan Mitchell

Kevin Love

Dean Wade

Darius Garland

3) In a November 11 meeting with Minnesota, Darius Garland went off for 51 points, becoming just the fourth player in team history to top the 50-point plateau? Who is NOT among the other three?

Walt Wesley

Mike Mitchell

LeBron James

Kyrie Irving

4) With 40 points, which opponent has the top scoring mark against the Cavaliers this season? 

Trae Young

Stephen Curry

Jayson Tatum

Karl-Anthony Towns

5) At .639, Jarrett Allen now has the highest shooting percentage in Cavaliers team history of any player with at least 600FGM. Who is second on the all-time list? 

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Mark West

Brad Daugherty

Carlos Boozer

6) The Cavaliers are 7-2 so far this season when which of the following occurs? 

Evan Mobley scores at least 15 points

Darius Garland hits at least three three-pointers

Cedi Osman scores in double-figures

Donovan Mitchell scores at least 25 points

7) Of the four Cavaliers assistant coaches with NBA experience, which one was drafted the highest? 

Luke Walton

Greg Buckner

Antonio Lang

Sidney Lowe 

8) Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen are the Cavs two top shot blockers. Who is third? 

Donovan Mitchell

Kevin Love

Lamar Stevens

Robin Lopez

9) At +141 – 43 points better than the next-closest Cavalier – who is the squad’s “+/-“ leader so far this year? 

Darius Garland

Caris LeVert

Donovan Mitchell

Cedi Osman

10) Only three Cavaliers in franchise history have blocked eight shots or more in a game. Which of the following is NOT one of them? 

Evan Mobley

Brad Daugherty

Hot Rod Williams 

Larry Nance 

11) Against which opponent did the Cavaliers register their biggest margin of victory – a 32-point blowout win on the road? 

L.A. Lakers

Detroit Pistons

Chicago Bulls

Boston Celtics  

12) Donovan Mitchell scored 100 points through his first three games this year, breaking the previous franchise mark of 72 points scored by a Cavalier through his first three games set by which player? 

LeBron James

World B. Free 

Kyrie Irving 

Shawn Kemp


1) Mobley, Stevens, Allen, Garland, Mitchell

2) Dean Wade

3) Mike Mitchell

4) Steph Curry

5) Mark West

6) Cedi Osman scores in double figures

7) Sidney Lowe

8) Donovan Mitchell

9) Cedi Osman

10) Brad Daugherty

11) Chicago Bulls

12) Shawn Kemp