Get to Know: Damian Jones

The Wine & Gold bolstered their frontline this summer with the acquisition of Damian Jones from the Utah Jazz. Jones is a two-time NBA champ and has played for six teams throughout his career.

Answers at bottom of page.

1.) Damian Jones attended the same university as which current Cavalier?

A.) Donovan Mitchell

B.) Caris LeVert

C.) Darius Garland

D.) Jarrett Allen

2.) Damian Jones had his best season as a pro working with this current Cavaliers assistant coach in the past? 

A.) Sidney Lowe

B.) Nate Reinking

C.) Greg Buckner

D.) Luke Walton

3.) TRUE or FALSE: Damian Jones saw limited game action when he was with two of the Warriors teams that topped Cleveland for the NBA Championship in 2017 and 2018.



4.) Of the 12 top scoring games of his career – including his career-high, 24 points vs. Houston – Damian Jones posted 11 of them while playing with which team?

A.) Atlanta Hawks

B.) Golden State Warriors

C.) Utah Jazz

D.) Sacramento Kings

5.) Over the last 19 games that Damian Jones played to close out the 2022-23 season with Utah, his shooting percentage from the floor and from three-point range are exactly the same. What is that percentage? 

A.) .471

B.) .500

C.) .667

D.) .714

6.) Damian Jones graduated from Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Which of the following former reality TV stars is a fellow alum?  

A.) Omarosa Newman

B.) Stormy Daniels

C.) Heidi Montag

D.) Bethenny Frankel

7.) Which team originally drafted Damian Jones with the final pick of the final pick of the First Round in 2016? 

A.) Golden State Warriors

B.) Phoenix Suns

C.) Utah Jazz

D.) Los Angeles Lakers

8.) At one point in his career, Damian Jones was part of a trade for this native of Northeast Ohio? 

A.) CJ McCollum

B.) Omari Spellman

C.) Terry Rozier

D.) Kosta Koufos

Answers: C, D, B, D, D, B, A, B