The Cavalier is Here!

CLEVELAND, OH - November 27, 2010 - Bringing history to life, the Cleveland Cavaliers are proud to announce that the newest member of the game entertainment family was deep inside The Q the entire time! It was during the Saturday, November 27th matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies that in-game host Ahmaad discovered a gallant swashbuckler who looked strangely familiar. Intrigued by his elaborate attire, Ahmaad brought the fan onto the court to feature during a timeout.

Donned head-to-toe in the original expression of Wine & Gold, an elegant plumed hat and wielding a recognizable sword, mascot Moondog quickly realized that this dashing gentleman was no regular fan dressed in Cavs garb; rather he was none other than Sir C.C. – the original Cavalier straight from the 1970s! As Q-Tube took the crowd back in time through a presentation of video archives showing footage of Sir C.C. making cameos throughout Cleveland and franchise history, fans quickly learned that he has been here all along!

Sir CC
As the team’s biggest supporter since its inception, Sir C.C. has always kept a watchful eye on his team. He has been around since the Cavaliers’ first game of the inaugural season in 1970 at the Cleveland Arena and present for every milestone in franchise history, including the Miracle of Richfield in 1976, the 1980 and 1997 All-Star games, the opening of The Q (formerly Gund Arena) and winning the 2006-07 Eastern Conference Finals. With the team’s nod to the original expression of Wine & Gold this season and the true spirit of “All for One. One for All.” thriving in The Q, the time was right for Sir C.C. to reveal himself!

Sir C.C. will team up with Moondog to become the newest, yet, most “seasoned” member of the Cavaliers’ award-winning game presentation ensemble, who night-after-night at The Q provide the best fan experience in the NBA. Welcome Sir C.C.!