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The Cavaliers have had some free spirits in the locker room over the years, but Delonte West came along in a blockbuster trade last February and broke the mold. West got off to a great start before injuring his wrist in a game against Chicago on January 15.

At the time of his injury, the aspiring poet and painter was fourth on the team in scoring at 12.3 ppg – shooting .467 from the floor and .409 from long-distance. West was also the Cavaliers most versatile defender in the backcourt.

But numbers aside, Delonte is one deep dude and, while he was rehabbing at the Cleveland Clinic Courts, took a moment to answer some of your questions in his Player Mailbox.

Comments: When you were with the Celtics, you mentioned that you would go home and do pushups if you weren’t happy with the way you played. Do you still do that?
First Name: DJ
City: Millbury
State: Massachusetts

Delonte West: Yes, indeed. I do pushups until I can’t do them no more. But it’s kind of hard now with the cast on. I have to do them, “Rocky”-style – one-handed.

Comments: What's your favorite breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Dessert? Midnight snack?
First Name: Tay
City: Beachwood
State: OH

Delonte: For breakfast – Scrambled eggs with cheese. Some pancakes. Bacon. Fried potatoes with onions. (No ketchup, either. If the potatoes are sautéed right, you don’t need ketchup. And I don’t do ketchup on eggs.) Also, a t-bone steak with that and some Minute Maid berry punch.

For lunch – “Uh, oh! Spaghetti-Os!” Spaghetti-O’s and grilled cheese. (The Alpha-Bits Spaghetti-O’s with the little meatballs are nice.) For dinner – Lasagna and spaghetti are my two favorite dishes. And for desert – homemade strawberry cake with vanilla ice cream.

And I can finish everything off with a bowl of cereal. And that just depends how I feel. Some days, I’ll be the Fruity Pebbles mode. Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, Trix: they’re all in the same category. Sometimes, I might do a Rice Krispies, or Frosted Flakes or Raisin Bran – when I’m looking for something in the bran family. And then when I’m in a different kind of mood, I’ll go with Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries, or maybe the Cinnamon Crunch. Also, Lucky Charms.

Comments: Delonte, my boyfriend always wants to hang out with his guy friends to watch the Cavs games and won't let me tag along. I enjoy watching games too. Why do guys do that??
First Name: Kristen G.
City: Chicago (Lincoln Park)
State: IL

Delonte: Well, that’s the equivalent of females going shopping together. Men should have “male bonding” time, you know. There’s nothing like enjoying the game with the friends.

But a guy would take you along as long as you were as cool as his best friend. You have to learn to hang out with the fellas. You have to observe your boyfriend with his friends and see what kind of jokes they do and what really makes the camaraderie between them. Then, ease your way in, but bring your own spice to the group.

Comments: Do you have a favorite SpongeBob character and if so, why?
First Name: Cheyenne
City: Valley City
State: OH

Delonte: SpongeBob. Because he’s always surrounded by all kinds of people. He’s surrounded by a guy who always wants some money from him, he’s surrounded by a guy who’s a hater, and he’s surrounded by a complete idiot.

But he always manages to stay in his little bubble, and he never lets anyone take him away from his hook-up. (Similar to myself.)

Comments: What is your favorite movie of all time?
First Name: Jim
City: Bay Village
State: OH

Delonte: “The Lion King,” “Coming to America,” “Scarface” and “The Exorcist.”

Comments: What is your most favorite thing in Cleveland since you've been here?
First Name: Paige
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

Delonte: The people. The heartbeat of the city. What I do is not who I am – so you’d be surprised the type of places where you’ve bumped into me. But this city has a great heartbeat. I meet great people everywhere, and they care about you not just as a basketball player, but as a person, also.

Comments: Hey D: I was wondering what "REDZ" means on your tattoo.
First Name: Allison
City: Wadsworth
State: Ohio

Delonte: Well, I’m black and American Indian – Piscataway Indian. And with the red bush on my head, this means “Chief Redz.”

Comments: My name is Delonte also, they say it's a very country name and I've been getting teased about it. What do you think I should do?
First Name: Delonte
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

Delonte:I got teased as a kid, also. But be proud of who you are; be proud of your name. Most of the people who make jokes about others, are normally unhappy with themselves. So you have to find the humor in that. And if all else fails, punch them in the back of the head.

Comments: My family just got a new dog and named her “Delonte West.” What type of pets do you have?
First Name: Kimberly
City: Coolville
State: Ohio

Delonte:I had two pit-bulls, two blue-nosed pits – one named “Cane” and one named “Lola.” But I had to put Cane down. And I let one of my friends, who’s a pit-bull trainer, take in Lola for me because of my living situation in Seattle where I couldn’t care for her in the apartment. I miss them both dearly.

My apartment in Cleveland won’t let me have dogs, so I might get a white tiger. No, actually make that a black panther. I’d call her “Diamond.”


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