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Gear up.

Every game. Every time.

We gear-up in our Cavaliers Playoff Shirts and Colors EVERY GAME

Check what YOUR section will be wearing:

Eastern Conference Finals vs. Celtics
Home Game 10 WED 6/6 Home Game 11 FRI 6/8

Eastern Conference Finals vs. Celtics
Home Game 7 SAT 5/19 Home Game 8 MON 5/21 Home Game 9 SUN 5/27

Round 2 vs. Raptors
Home Game 5 SAT 5/5 Home Game 6 MON 5/7

Round 1 vs. Pacers
Home Game 1 SUN 4/15 Home Game 2 WED 4/18 Home Game 3 WED 4/25 Home Game 4 SUN 4/29

No warm welcomes

in our house.

We fiercely chant “let’s go cavs” To drown out opposing player intros

Stand united & loud for the land

We stand united and loud

Whenever our team needs us

We scream “defense”

Whenever the opposing team has the ball


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