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Animal Control Michael
A native of Cleveland and a life-long Cavaliers fan, Michael headed up the team of trusted professionals of Animal Control in 2003-04. Michael can always be seen nearby the dog, fulfilling his main duties of keeping the dog in line.

Michael is one of the more familiar faces you will see at The Q and he is no stranger to the building. Michael has been a member of the Cavaliers game night staff for nine years in various roles, including the Cavs' Crew and Rock Squad.

During the 2004-05 season, Michael took a leave of absence to serve our country in the National Guard. His unit will be deployed in Iraq, which caused this member of Animal Control to miss the season. We are keeping Michael’s blue jumpsuit warm for his return in 2006 and, of course, Moondog wishes him well and a safe return, even if it means Michael's stern and steady hand returns to keep the dog in line.

In his place we have three Animal Control experts:

Animal Control Anthony
Filling the large and polished shoes Michael has temporarily left is Animal Control Anthony, also a familiar face to many at The Q after patrolling the arena as a former Cavs' Crew, Rock Squad and Cavaliers Game Night Staff. Last year, Anthony left the team to focus on school at Kent State, but decided to return and help control the dog…clearly understanding the consequences of an untrained animal.

Fun Fact of the Day: Anthony is very interested in sixteenth-century Dutch history. Seriously, this kid is deep.

Animal Control Matt
Before leaving, Michael asked several times how many people would be filling in for him, the joke being how many people would we need to actually fill his shoes. To pacify Michael and to indeed fill his shoes, we added another Animal Control officer, Matt, who spent the 2004-05 season juggling duties on Animal Control with duties as a member of the Scream Team. This year, his roles include Animal Control and Cavs' Crew. Matt’s goal is to be on every performance team on the Cavaliers, and we eagerly await his Cavalier Girls' audition.

Fun Fact of the Day: Matt can blush at the drop of a hat. (He will blush when he reads this).

Animal Control "Pods"
Ladies love this member of Animal Control, Pods, by day the crafty brains behind the Cavaliers graphic design department. Yet, on select game nights, he lends his considerable charm and good looks to serve as a valuable member of Animal Control. Pods has also appeared in several Moondog in-game videos, often type-cast as the debonair leading man. Pods sees himself as the Captain of Animal Control, which may or may not be true (it’s not) and his favorite game element is the Taco Bell Ball Toss.

Fun Fact of the Day: Mark is the creative genius behind the Moondog logo. His favorite actress is Tara Reid.

PUFF Doggy
Puff Doggy is an alter ego of Moondog...a gigantic alter-ego. Standing over 8 feet tall, Puff Doggy will be hard to miss this year at The Q. Puff excels at causing a stir and pumping up the crowd. Despite his gigantic size, Puff prides himself on his limbo-bar prowess and nimble B-Boy dance moves. When we increase the size of Moondog, unfortunately we have been unable to stop everything from Puff Doggy is also roughly four times as obnoxious as the dog. He likes dog bones and Cavalier Girls about 4.5 times more, and is about four times more likely to knock over a fan's soda in the front row.

Dog Ball
A science experiment gone wrong, Dog Ball is the explosive combination of an over-inflated basketball and Moondog. After Animal Control feeds this dog a steady diet of t-shirts, the canine orb spits back to fans. We recommend washing the slobber off the shirts prior to wearing.

Warning: Please keep your hands away from the dog ball’s mouth.

Moondog would like to make it very clear that The FORMER mascot of the Cavs (Whammer) is no longer involved with, employed by or allowed around Cleveland Cavaliers basketball.

The only white polar bear ever seen in Cleveland was the long-time mascot of the Cavs during the 1990s. Whammer proved to be a poor floor leader and was never able to inspire the team or fans. In the late 90s, Whammer started missing games and was eventually asked to leave his position.

In the summer of 2003, just after the Cavaliers signed Moondog to a long-term contract (and drafted LeBron James), Whammer started making inquiries into the seemingly vacant mascot job. His efforts to regain his position were rebuffed by the Cavaliers, who were looking for a more loyal and trusted floor leader.

Whammer officially wore out any welcome at The Q when he appeared alongside the King (Sacramento’s mascot) at a game in April 2005.

The white polar bear remains unemployed by the Cavaliers, despite his stream of annoying letters, calls and emails asking for his job back.


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