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Talkin' Trash
The Q collects over four tons of recyclable materials each season since 2007-2008. In cooperation with Allied Waste Management and an assist from Cavs fans, we will continue to be progressive in our greening recycling efforts. Don't forget to "Pass the Recyclables!"

Drink responsibly!
Beverages at The Q are served in corn plastic cups that biodegrade in one to five years. Concessionaire ARAMARK, transitioned its beverage serviceware throughout the arena from traditional plastic to corn plastic.

ARAMARK uses biodegradable to-go containers, plates and bowls that are made from Bagasse - this is what is left of the sugar cane plant after the edible portion has been extracted.

Green Idea!
Throughout The Q standard light bulbs have been replaced with more efficient ballasts (fluorescent T8 units).

It smells so Green!
Cleaning supplies like soaps, polishes and window cleaners used at Quicken Loans Arena and Cleveland Clinic Courts are 95% green sensitive and everything is wiped up with cloth towels instead of paper towels.

Who turned off the lights?
Many areas in Quicken Loans Arena are equipped with motion sensors, which automatically turns off lights and helps save energy when no one is in the room.

The Q powers down to save energy.
All major equipment units in The Q and Cleveland Clinic Courts are controlled through an energy management software program called Metasys (provided by Johnson Controls) where the appropriate energy usage is scheduled for specific activities. Energy consumption is then monitored and provides feedback to make adjustments as needed. Twenty (20) mWhs of energy is used during a Cavaliers game at Quicken Loans Arena.

Cavs Go with "Green Power."
A renewable energy credit (REC) represents the environmental and economic value of electricity produced from clean, renewable, emission-free energy resources that are safe for the environment and never depleted. The electricity for the Cavaliers vs. TEAM on DATE during NBA Green Week will run on renewable energy credits that are generated from First Energy's Allegheny Ridge and wind farm in Pennsylvania. The RECs offset the electricity used at the
game with 100% wind power or 100% green energy.

Pepsi, Thank You.
Quicken Loans Arena and Cleveland Clinic Courts have 75 branded recycling Pepsi "bottle" collection containers located throughout both facilities. Courtesy of our preferred soft drink partner, it's hard to miss an opportunity to recycle!

We Get the Dangerous Stuff Out of Here.
Quicken Loans Arena works with EnviroServe, a single source waste remediation, transportation and disposal contractor who appropriately collects and marks hazard waste materials such as chemical solvents, refrigeration oils and batteries with a US DOT description in compliance with the Uniform Hazard Waste Manifest.


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