Moondog has a unique connection not just to the Cavaliers, but to all of Cleveland. Cleveland is known worldwide as the Rock & Roll city. Famed Cleveland radio disc-jockey Alan Freed coined the phrase "Rock & Roll" and sparked a music explosion in the 1950's. Freed often referred to himself as the "Moondog" and his listeners as the "Moondoggers".

The Cavaliers Moondog is dedicated to following in the spirit of the original. Alan Freed was innovative, fun-loving, passionate and controversial. Moondog promises to be the same.


The Moondog 100k Challenge is a collection of walks and runs Cavaliers mascot Moondog will embark upon each year.  Moondog is focusing his role as a community ambassador by committing his time to engage, excite and entertain at select charity walks and runs.

In at least 20 walks Moondog will greet participants, warm up the crowd, and start the races off with the same energy normally reserved for Quicken Loans Arena. Prior to event day, Moondog will help spread the word to his legion of social network friends and fans.  Afterwards Moondog will also share a free photo gallery from the event online.

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