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Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson's Player Mailbox

December 11, 2013
by Joe Gabriele Beat Writer

Cavs forward Tristan Thompson has been Cleveland’s Mr. Consistent again this season – netting double-doubles in exactly half of the Wine and Gold’s first 21 games.

Tristan is also one of the squad’s most unique characters, and he’s willing to share his take on almost anything – from hoops to fashion to Canadian culture. And with that in mind, we opened up the Mailbox for the native Torontonian.

You had questions, Tristan had answers. See what the Cavaliers cool, comedic big man had to say …

Comments: What is your favorite post move to use?
Name: Brady Shoemaker
City: Winston-Salem
State: North Carolina

Tristan Thompson: Right now, it’s the righty hook or my little floater that I like to call “The Mountie.” Someone told me that name during the summer time and I’ve been rolling with it. That’s my shot right there.

Comments: If there were an “All-Star Saturday” among the Cavs at Cleveland Clinic Courts, who would win the Three-Point Shootout, the Skills Challenge and the Dunk Contest?
Name: Al Malkin
City: Garfield Hts.
State: Ohio

Thompson: In a three-point shootout, the winner would probably be, well, you’d have to go with Kyrie because he’s the NBA’s actual Shootout champ. In the Skills Challenge, you’d probably have to go with Kyrie again. And for the Dunk Contest, I’d say Alonzo Gee. He’s got the flash. I’m a decent dunker – but I’m a ‘game dunker,’ not a ‘show dunker.’ Two points is two points.

Comments: Who is the hardest player to defend against at your position?
Name: Nick Velazquez
City: Avon Lake
State: OH

Thompson: I’d have to say Kevin Love. He’s the hardest guy at my position to guard because he can do it all – shoot 3’s, post-up, rebound, runs in transition to the three-point line. So he’s a tough matchup and every game you have to come out ready to play against that guy.

Comments: Hey Tristan, as a 20+ year Canadian Cavs fan, it's been really exciting to see a guy from my area become such a big part of the team. My question is, what do you like to do in Cleveland during your down time?
Name: Ed O'Brien
City: Mississauga
State: Ontario

Thompson: I’m a very simple guy. So it’s either bowling at the Corner Alley or going to the movies and just relax. I’m low maintenance.

Comments: So T-Squizzel,
You seem to be the funny guy in the locker room, does anyone else have a good sense of humor like yourself on the team?
Name: Joe Gessner
City: Sandusky
State: Ohio

Thompson: It takes talent to have a sense of humor like myself. So, I think me and Kyrie – us being so young and youthful – we have that extra burst of energy to keep the locker room’s energy high and keep guys laughing. Yeah, I’d say probably me and Kyrie.

Comments:What is your favorite game console to play when you are on road trips. PS4 or Xbox One?
Name: Ayub
City: Columbus
State: Ohio

Thompson: No, I don’t travel with a game console, but I do play Xbox-1. I play FIFA or Madden. I don’t play basketball games anymore. Ever since I’ve been playing basketball on this level, I don’t play it anymore. The last thing I want to do is play a basketball game.

Comments: I've seen you wear Arsenal FC shirts (jerseys) in number of your videos, so iIguess you're an Arsenal fan, and why do you follow them? Are you a big soccer/football fan then?
Name: James Lester
City: Burton on Trent (United Kingdom)
State: Staffordshire

Thompson: I’m kind of a soccer fan, but to be honest, I just like the Arsenal jersey. Really, Barcelona is my team.

Comments: Tristan, wuddup?! What's the difference between Ham and Canadian Bacon? Thanks!
Name: Michael Brenkus
City: Cleveland
State: OH

Thompson: Well, it’s actually the same thing. It’s just that Americans call it Canadian Bacon. We just call it ham. Only Americans call it that. I think maybe people get confused because it’s round.

Comments: What would you have been if you didn't play any sports?
Name: Pavan Peketi
City: Twinsburg
State: Ohio

Thompson: I’d be a runway model. You can’t teach it – either you have it or you don’t have it. And I’m just a natural.

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