Sounds of Game 3: Cavaliers vs. Warriors - June 8, 2016

Listen to Radio Play-by-Play announcers Rafa "El Alcalde" and John Michael's Calls of the Game during the Cavs matchup against the Golden State Warriors at Quicken Loans Arena on June 8, 2016.

LeBron James hits the deck to pick up the loose ball before Kyrie Irving rewards his hustle with the alley-oop pass, giving the Cavaliers 79-59 lead. LeBron then repays Kyrie with the long outlet pass on the Draymond Green miss, leading to quick layup, and pushing the lead to 22 points.

Jugada del Partido ECF Game 3 vs. Golden State

Escucha a la voz en español de los Cavaliers Rafa "El Alcalde" con la narración de la jugada del partido entre Los Cavaliers de Cleveland y Los Warriors de Golden State en El Quicken Loans Arena de Cleveland, OH el 8 de Junio del 2016. Los Cavs ganaron su primer partido de LAs Finales de La NBA al proteger su casa derrotando a Los Warriors 120 - 90. Los Cavs fueron liderados por LeBron James que anotó 32 puntos, Kyrie Irving que contribuyó con 30 y JR Smith que fue el tercer Cavs con por lo menos 20 puntos al anotar 20 en 5 de 10 de larga distancia. Los Triples regresaron para Los Cavs. Primero fue Kyrie Irving que not 16 de sus 30 puntos en el 1er cuarto, su primer triple ponía a Los Cavs arriba por 20.

LeBron también conecto un triple que fue clave en el partido y que ponía a Los Cavs arriba por 22 en el 3er cuarto.

Pero el héroe de larga distancia fue JR Smith que se reencontró con su tiro al conectar 5 de 10 intentos, el último de esos cinco acabo con las esperanzas de Los Warriors de remolcar la desventaja.

Q. Coach, nice homecoming. What a difference a couple days make. Really an avalanche tonight. You spoke pregame about getting off to a strong, confident early start, 9-0, 21-6. Can you talk about how that developed and how you prepare for Game 4 to get off to the same successful start?

A: "I just think it's two words, physicality and aggressiveness. I thought we were very physical defensively, and I thought we were aggressive offensively, attacking the basket, getting out in transition, running the floor. We talked about it before, that opens up shots for J.R. Smith and those guys in transition. So that's how we have to play."

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Q. LeBron, for somebody who understands the history of the game as well as you do, best two teams in basketball in theory. How do you equate losing by 30 and winning by 30 in such short order? Especially when you're whole to start one game, and then not whole with Kevin in the locker room, how do you make sense of the 63 point turnaround?

A: "At the end of the day, no matter if you lose by 30 or 1, it's just one win. And you have to be able to have a short mind but also learn from the mistakes that you made the previous game and just try to better yourself in the following game. And that's what we're able to do. We had a great shootaround yesterday. We had a great shootaround this morning. Coach Lue and the coaching staff gave us a great game plan and it was just up to us to go out and execute that, and I think we did that tonight."

Q. Kyrie, you looked like a different player tonight. You were very aggressive. Your coach talked about it. What made the difference for you, and also if you could talk about your passing connection with LeBron tonight, which worked well for you?

A: "We just talked about our 1-4 in shootaround, our 1-4 in pick-and-roll with me and him, with us leading our guys offensively. It's just working really well for us, as well as the switches. I know that I can't play in between or be indecisive, especially with guys in front of me. Just constantly in attack mode. I know my teammates consistently want me to do that, possession by possession, whether it's getting downhill or shooting jump shots or whatever it is. You know, it was two games, going from Game 1 of playing a little bit too much iso, and then Game 2, kind of just not being in my rhythm, in my rhythm and then coming into Game 3 it was, I don't want to say a completely different player, but it's just back to just not really thinking about anything except for being aggressive for my teammates."

Q. J.R., did anybody say or your teammates say anything to encourage you just because I think you only had eight points in the first two games that you had to get your rhythm back? Even though that shot at halftime didn't count, did that give you a lift?

A: "I mean, once we got home, honestly -- well, since 1 and 2, my teammates have been talking to me, stay aggressive, be aggressive. When you get the ball, take your shot. If you don't have it, give it up. But for the most part everybody's been supportive. Since we landed the other day, it was pretty much like a clean slate. Get back in the gym. Get back to our routines. Drive the same route I go to the gym every day, and just get back on our home floor and play the right way."

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Q: Tristan, 10 rebounds in the first half, seven on the offensive end. Was that your mindset coming out to attack the glass early with Kevin [Love] out?

A: "Yeah, especially with them going small. See ball, get ball mentality. They go small, whether it’s [Andre] Iguodala, [Harrison] Barnes, whoever they have on me, I just hit the glass and create second opportunities for my teammates."

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Q: Before the game, LeBron [James] said, “Follow my lead.” What did you take from that and what did you guys do?

A: "I’ve been around him all season. I’ve watched him play as a rookie. When he said that, I knew what he meant. We’ve been doing it all year. Every team he has been on has followed his lead. Tonight was no different. We followed his lead. He did a great job in leading us to a victory."

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