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The Word On... Collin Sexton

Bull-ish Market

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As we continue to celebrate Young Bull's Player Week here at, here are some notable quotables in praise of Collin Sexton, one of the NBA’s rapidly rising stars. And of course, we have some thoughts from the man himself.

Check out what they had to say …

Making Strides

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Coach J.B. Bickerstaff on Sexton’s unique offensive skillset following a home win over Philadelphia …

"Collin is a rare guy where he can roll out of bed and get you 20, and it’s not common in the NBA, but he has the ability to do that. His teammates were helping him, they were setting screens for him and then he rewarded his teammates on a couple plays too.

"So, there is growth in that too – where he is not just a single-minded scorer, now he is reading the game and playing the game.”

Sharing the Love

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Kevin Love on what he sees in Sexton following his first career 40-point night against Boston …

“He just continues to have so much confidence on (the offensive) end. He’s really, really flying, and I think things are slowing down for him. But there were even times tonight when he got into the lane, he kicked that ball out to Cedi (Osman), got his sixth assist – so that’s just the type of player he is. He continues to get better and he’s a guy that nobody is going to outwork. I think you’ve continued to see that through this year.”

Seeing Red

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Collin Sexton on whether he was a little extra motivate going against his hometown Hawks and Trae Young, drafted three spots ahead of him in 2018 …

“Not at all. Not at all.

It’s just a competitive thing – just going out there and trying to win as many times against the Hawks as I can.”

Banging the Drum

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Andre Drummond on Sexton’s evolution and how he can help …

“I've been on him from day one. I've watched a lot of tape on Collin and he's only gotten better from his years of being in the NBA and obviously with everything I've been telling him, too, with his shot selection and when he should pass the ball. I'm not here to change the game, just here to sprinkle some information and different insights.”

Heart and Hustle

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Collin Sexton on some of the lessons he learned during his rookie season in Cleveland …

"There's going to be a lot of ups and downs; you just gotta make sure that each and every day you come in ready to work and come in with a positive attitude.

"And then also, when you're at the arena, make sure you speak to everyone, just because you might uplift their day as well as they might uplift yours. You just gotta be courteous and be kind to everybody you come in contact with – just because you never know what that little 'Hello, how's your day going?' will mean to them.

“You just never know.”

Veteran Praise

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Kevin Love asked in his postseason media availability which teammate took the biggest leap this past year …

"I think it's for me naturally that's Collin. I mean he just, he is such a, such a competitor. It's infectious to be around. It's very seldom have I seen somebody work so hard in this league to get better.

"I believe that he saw the game open up so much, because he’s so easy, so fast and so heavy – and finishes so well with 15 feet. And he really started to look and kind of find where he can distribute as well.

"So the game just completely opened up for him and in his second year it was really, really cool to see that.

"A guy like Collin, who was trending so well throughout the entire season, putting up 20 point games, continuing to have really, really big games for us, I wanted to see how he was gonna finish the season. I know he would have finished incredibly strong, but I do believe that he's one of the guys that will take another big step this summer just because he just chases the game and works so incredibly hard.

"He'd be the number one guy I would say that really took a big step.”

Mess with the Bull, Get the Horns

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Collin Sexton asked if his thunderous late-game dunk punctuating a home win over the Bulls was one of the highlights of his career …

“Yeah, I would say so.

”I had to catch him. I had seen (Zach) LaVine – he stepped up a little too far and he gave me the backdoor, so I just took it and Kevin (Love) found me.

"I was going to try to lay it in, and I was like: ‘I may as well do a dunk.’”

Green Giant

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Coach J.B. Bickerstaff the night Sexton dropped a career-high 41 points on the Celtics …

“His mindset and his ability allow him to do things that other people can't. There's not that many guys that have the speed that he has, the ability to finish the way that he can. But I think the thing I was most proud of is even though he got the 41, he was making the right basketball play over and over again.

”He created for his teammates, got his teammates open shots and when it was opportunities just to move the ball and get the hockey assist he made those plays too. He played an entire game on the offensive end of the floor, which is what you're looking for from that position – a guy that doesn't just score but finds a way to get his teammates involved as well.”

Baby Bulls

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Collin Sexton recalling some of the backyard hoops battles between him and his brother as youngsters …

”We didn’t really finish the games all the time.

"Actually, we never finished games because we'd wind up arguing over a foul, start fighting or something like that. We'd never finish!

"My folks would come in and were like: 'Ok, y'all done playing one-on-one.'”

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