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Garbage Time

by Joe Gabriele Beat Writer
  • Fans have been wondering what’s up with that little patch of hair on the back of Drew Gooden’s head. So Garbage Time asked the starting power forward about it. “I want to see how long I could grow it. My teammates doubt that I can grow it out throughout the whole season, but I told them I could, so we’ll see what happens.”

    How does Gooden expect it to look when it’s come to fruition? “I’m going to get it braided and put two beads on it. I might dye the tip blonde. It’s an ‘80s thing and I’m an ‘80s baby. I had a duck-tail a.k.a a “Gucci tail” back in the 80s, so I’m bringing it back.”

  • Based on a Sports Business Journal fan poll, LeBron James is the NBA’s most marketable player. LBJ garnered 46 percent of the vote. The trio of James, Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal cornered the vote, with the trio accumulating 81 percent of the vote. (Yao Ming and Steve Nash were tied for 4th with 3.6 percent each; Carmelo Anthony was 9th with 1.2%)

  • Chrome domes were in the news last week for the Cavaliers. On Wednesday, Nov. 29th, the Wine and Gold celebrated Drew Gooden Bald Head night at The Q. Fans received a Drew Gooden bald head kit composed of a skin-cap and a Gooden headband. (Gucci tail not included.)

    The men looked hilarious, the kids looked adorable and the women … well … maybe the women should stick with their real hair. Or at least an Anderson Varejao wig. (That night is coming up on December 13 against the Bobcats.)

    Of course, not everyone believes that’s his real hair. During the November 27th Monday Night Football game, ESPN commentator Tony Kornheiser – while listing his all-time favorite bald guys – claimed that Anderson’s unruly coiffe was a wig.

  • Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown will coach his 100th game with the club on Wednesday night against the Raptors. His record of 60-39 is the best for a Cavalier coach in his first hundred games – surpassing Mike Fratello (57-43). Paul Silas won 47 of his first 100, George Karl and Randy Wittman, 43, and the great Lenny Wilkens, a mere 38.

    Brown is honored to hold that record, but as always, looks at it pragmatically. “Chuck Daly once said, ‘When you win an NBA game, that’s just a life support system until the next game.’ And that’s true,” smiled the affable coach. “It’s good to know, but we’ve got a long way to go to get where we need to be.”

  • Memphis Grizzlies owner, Michael Heisley, had all he could stand regarding trade rumors revolving around his star forward, Pau Gasol. And he invoked a certain player to prove his point. “There's no damn way that anybody is going to trade Pau Gasol. Here's a scoop: I'm going to contact Cleveland to try and get LeBron James. So put in your paper (talking to the Memphis Commercial Appeal) that Cleveland's interested in getting rid of LeBron James.”

  • Sometimes some of the most competitive battles are seen after Cavaliers practice.

    On Tuesday, when the squad had wrapped up their workout, LeBron James and Damon Jones held a three-point contest from beyond the arc and, actually, beyond the floor. (Picture where the team’s bench would be and about six inches “below” court-level.)

    James and Jones went toe-to-toe, each tormenting each other on and one player – we won’t say which – being rooted on by David Wesley. After one LBJ make, LeBron taunted Jones, “That’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight!” But the DJ was not to be taken lightly, matching the Chosen One almost shot-for-shot and letting out a “Come on, Jones!” after every swish.

    Jones finished strong and won the contest, but gave LeBron the chance to hit two of three, from about a foot further back for double-or-nothing. LeBron missed the first shot and canned the second. On the third ball – the money ball – LeBron’s shot rattled around the rim and off, caromed off the shot clock and dropped dramatically in the hole. A jubilant LeBron went charging off the court as teammates and media cheered. (Damon Jones disputes the shot because it bounced off the shot clock.)

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