Occupation:  NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Dancer, Dance Instructor, and Server

Hometown:  Stow, OH

College: Point Park University

Tenure as a Cavalier Girl: Rookie


Cavaliers’ Legend: World B. Free

Style of Dance: Jazz Funk

Quote: " It is what it is."- my father

Cleveland Restaurant:  Coastal Taco

Article of Clothing: Socks

Phone App: Spotify

Book:  Milk &Honey

Movie:  Get Out

Movie Character:  Beyoncé -in Obsessed

TV Show: Power

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Charity:  Ronald McDonald House

More Questions!

What is your junk food weakness? Oreos, Swenson’s potato teasers, and chicken and waffles

Who is your “celebrity crush”? Bryson Tiller

What is your dream date? Going to Condado (my fav Pittsburgh Mexican restaurant) with my boyfriend and ending the night by going to painting with a twist!

What is your dream job? Being a back-up dancer for Rihanna or Janet Jackson.  

What is your biggest fear? Not fulfilling living my life to fullest and looking back with regrets when I'm older.

Do you have any pets? My cat Caesar.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life? My Brother, he is younger than me but I've always looked up to him!  He is the epitome of a perfect person with everything he does. My brother is a young man way beyond his years and I admire his maturity, intelligence, compassion, and humor! But really my whole family is amazing- it's hard to choose.

What is your dream vacation destination? Greece please, Santorini to be exact!

If you had to pick two famous people to be your parents who would you choose? Rihanna and Drake

List 5 words that describe you: Independent, Loyal, Cheeky, Unique, and Perseverant


Loving Dayne? Here's Even More About Her

What is one thing most people would be surprised to know about you? I used to have long curly hair down to my hips.

Do you have any nicknames? My dad calls me Dwayne and Daynish, and all my friends from college call me baby Dayne!

What is your biggest accomplishment? Graduating from Point Park University in only three years and getting three amazing job offers almost immediately after-including being a Cavalier Girl!

What is a failure you learned from? Not being accepted into one of my top schools for college. As devastating as it was, I realized that specific "failure" ended up opening doors that brought so much happiness and success into my life!

What famous person (dead or alive) would you like to have dinner with? why? Maya Angelou. Her poetry spoke to me during some of my highest and lowest points. She speaks so strongly and highly of women and I am all for that.

What is your guilty pleasure?  Going out with my friends after work!

What would be your super power? Telepathy!

What celebrity would play you in a movie about yourself? Aaliyah


I am most proud of: my work ethic.

I’ve always wanted to: travel outside of the country.


What is your dance background and experience? I danced competitively for 13 years in multiple styles. I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts from Point Park University where I majored in Dance with a concentration in Jazz. During college, I also worked various industrial jobs while performing in jazz pieces by the Conservatory. I was lucky enough to teach classes at Millennium Dance Complex in Pittsburgh as well before auditioning for the Cavalier Girls!

Why did you decide to audition for Cavalier Girls? I missed my family and friends from being away at school. This is the best way to encompass my love of dance and be close to home. Now my family can enjoy an awesome night in Cleveland cheering on me and the team!

What do you like most about being a part of the Cavalier Girls? Being surrounded by such talented, intelligent, and beautiful women. My teammates get me through the best and worst days!

Most memorable Cavalier Girl moment so far? Opening Night!

If you can say anything to Cavalier fans, what would you say? You all are like no other- you are the best fans in the NBA! Your enthusiasm for the city and team is surreal and that motivates us to make sure you have the best experience every time you enter the arena.


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