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PwC Trees for Threes Program

Cleveland tree canopy cover is low at 19 percent, which is only one quarter of what is possible. Each year an estimated 97 acres of tree canopy is lost. Tree canopy is defined as seen from an aerial view, the amount of land cover that is as seen in summer months with leaves on.

  • The current canopy level, even at 19 percent, provides Clevelanders with more than $28 million in services each year, ranging from storm water absorption to noise pollution reduction.
  • The Cleveland urban forest intercepts 1.8 billion gallons of rainwater every year. By absorbing rainfall, this reduces the amount of water that makes it into storm drains and other infrastructure and can help lower the effects of erosion.
  • Cleveland’s urban forest removes 415 tons of air pollution every year. Trees absorb pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide and filter particulate matter out of the air.

Trees will be donated by:
Tree Tracker

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